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Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Bitcoin & Amazon Pay
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Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox & Opera
IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec & Wireguard
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7 dagen geld-terug-garantie
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400+ Servers
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Ga naar VPN Unlimited Bekijk 2 pakketten Bekijk 343 review(s)

Beoordeling heeft in totaal 343 beoordelingen voor VPN Unlimited. In totaal heeft 49742 beoordelingen. Dat betekend dat 1% van alle beoordelingen over VPN Unlimited gaat. Onze bezoekers geven VPN Unlimited gemiddeld 4.4 sterren. De gemiddelde score op is 4.5.

VPN Unlimited Review

Bij VPN Unlimited kan je de VPN service eerst proberen voordat je besluit een abonnement af te sluiten. Ook kan je binnen 7 dagen je geld terug vragen als je een VPN abonnement hebt genomen maar de service toch niet naar wens is.

VPN Unlimited heeft 400 servers om mee te verbinden en dit kan je doen via de volgende protocollen: IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec en Wireguard. Naast het verbinden op een handmatige manier biedt VPN Unlimited de volgende apps om snel en eenvoudig met VPN te kunnen verbinden: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox en Opera.

Als je besluit om je abonnement bij VPN Unlimited af te sluiten heb je de keuze uit 5 betalingsmogelijkheden. Met de volgende methodes kun je betalen bij VPN Unlimited: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Bitcoin en Amazon Pay. Je kan hier betalen met een Crypto coin! Met het betalen via een Crypto coin kan je betaling volledig anoniem blijven.

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Ga naar VPN Unlimited Bekijk 2 pakketten Bekijk 343 review(s)


Pakket Verbindingen Datalimiet Verlengd automatisch Duur Pakketprijs
VPN 10 10 Geen limiet Ja 30 dagen € 13,63 Bestel
1 jaar € 81,85 Bestel
3 jaar € 136,42 Bestel
VPN 5 5 Geen limiet Ja 30 dagen € 9,09 Bestel
1 jaar € 54,56 Bestel
3 jaar € 90,94 Bestel


Yvonne Paquette gaf VPN Unlimited: 5.00 sterren

connects really fast and doesn't slow down my laptop! what else would you be looking for in a vpn? plus i discovered keepsolid watching verin's crazy youtube travels and i want to support my home country company :)! cheers, xoxo

Allan Buchalter gaf VPN Unlimited: 3.00 sterren

NOTE: I TRIED TO SELECT 5 STARS BUT SOMEHOW ONLY THREE STARS SHOW AND I CAN'T EDIT THIS TO SHOW FIVE STARS. I recently downloaded and installed the software. However, I could not get it to connect, regardless of which protocol or server I selected. I tried all protocols. I contacted support and we had a few emails, back and forth. Each time, support responded in a prompt manner, and finally, suggested a solution which worked fine. Once the fix worked, I was able to connect immediately and tested the download/upload speed, via the site and found that the server in Sweden (I'm in the U.S.) was just as fast as my regular non-VPN connection. So, this is great!

Julius Nobling gaf VPN Unlimited: 1.00 sterren

Extremely bad service. Doesn't work for as well as most free VPN's. When I first downloaded it I couldn't download files, thought I had to pay for it for it to work. Though it still didn't work. Forgot that I subscribed to the service and 2 years later, having never opened the program, I get an email saying "thank you for renewing your subscription" asked for a refund, but obviously they said no. I'd go with a free VPN or NordVPN instead.

Jim Melton gaf VPN Unlimited: 5.00 sterren

I'd been searching for a good VPN for a long time, and got the offer for a reasonably-priced lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited. I was a bit skeptical, but the price was low enough that I went ahead and gambled. I'm really glad that I did because the product works very well (at least as well as advertised) and does everythig I need it to do!

Коля Янукович gaf VPN Unlimited: 5.00 sterren

Great VPN Great VPN

Michael gaf VPN Unlimited: 5.00 sterren

Great VPN I’ve used for years whenever I’ve had the need to connect to a public network. I’ve never had a problem with the service and it always seems to work great. Even better? Every time I’ve contacted them they have always provided excellent customer service and resolved any question or issue I’ve encountered. I highly recommend them and highly recommend their customer service to resolve any situation fairly.

Zhihan Zhang gaf VPN Unlimited: 5.00 sterren

It is really good VPN.I had a connection issue with this VPN and I contacted the team. The whole team are responsible and patient.

Mark Davenport gaf VPN Unlimited: 5.00 sterren

Great deal for the price. I got lifetime at a huge discount and totally worth it. Easy to turn on and off. does slow down internet, but I have gigabit speeds so that's to be expected. Still getting 500+ up/down speeds.

D Smiff gaf VPN Unlimited: 5.00 sterren

This is the second or third time I have needed support. Over the past 4 or 5 years. Each time they have responded within minutes with guidance that corrected the issue I was having. Great people.

Floyd Winchester gaf VPN Unlimited: 5.00 sterren

Works Great and easy to use. Always updating and has Great Support!!

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