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Payment methods
Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express & Crypto Currencies
Apps for
Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Linux, Chrome & Firefox
OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP, SSL/TLS, Wireguard, Proxy & SOCKS5
Free trial
7 days money-back-guarantee
Doesn’t keep logs
3000+ Servers
55+ Countries
68+ Server locations
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Rating has a total of 144 reviews for TorGuard. In total has 49742 reviews. Which means that 0% of all reviews is about TorGuard. Our visitors give TorGuard an average of 4.3 stars. The average score on is 4.5.

TorGuard Review

With TorGuard you will get your money back within 7 days after buying if you don’t like the service. For many providers this is their way of checking if you like their service.

TorGuard has 3000 servers to connect to and you can do so through the following protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP, SSL/TLS, Wireguard, Proxy and SOCKS5. In addition to connecting manually, TorGuard provides the apps for the following platforms to easily and quickly connect to VPN: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Linux, Chrome and Firefox.

If you decide to take out your subscription with TorGuard, you can choose from 5 payment options. You can pay with the following methods at TorGuard: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express and Crypto Currencies. You can pay here with a Crypto coin! With payment via a Crypto coin, your payment can remain completely anonymous.

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Go to TorGuard View 2 packages View 144 reviews


Package Connections Data limit Renews automatically Length Package price
Proxy 1000 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 5,41 Order
90 € 13,59 Order
180 € 27,22 Order
1 jaar € 42,67 Order
2 jaar € 72,66 Order
VPN 8 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 9,08 Order
90 € 18,17 Order
180 € 27,26 Order
1 jaar € 54,52 Order
2 jaar € 90,88 Order


jakob findlay gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

any of my experiences contacting support for any reason have been just amazing! looking for assistance on how to set something up properly, they're always there to help! looking for information about the services, straight and to the point help that will get you the lowest dollar for the services you require every time!

Roy Acres gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

Hi -- Since joining the Torguard client base nearly two years ago, I have had nothing but excellent service and support from this company. Most recently, I had a technical issue with an add-on service I'd ordered. It did take a few days to resolve but, in the end, with a wonderful client-centric attitude, Andy put the time in to resolve the issue. Would definitely recommend to friends.

Simon gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

Within a very short time of posting my issue to the TorGuard team I had a response with a suggested fix. I couldn't enable their fix & asked for help again. Within 5mins all was back to the usual perfect working order. Plus a New Years wish to me & my family. These guys & girls are top shelf!

Keanu gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

Support is absolutely top notch. Cannot rate it high enough. I have a uncommon setup, but they were happy to help me with it. Mike from TG support spent just over an hour via teamviewer checking my configs and testing various things trying to fix the issue, which turned out to be an issue with how I had my router setup, though he didn't give up and was happy to keep providing suggestions via their support panel which lead to the eventual fix 2 days later. I've been with them for nearly 3 years and will be sticking with them for years to come. As for the speeds - I'm on a 350/15Mbps fibre connection and I get 100Mbps download and 15Mbps upload from them.

Ran Vaknin gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

Excellent Support. i had few issues setting up my router, i happen to work with an anent name Mike. very professional a quick support. helped me with all my issues!!! Thanks a lot.

Todd George gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

I have had nothing but awesome service from TorGuard VPN. Everytime I contact customer service, they've quickly solved my issue. There is no waiting for yours or days for a reply. Most often they answer my issue within 5 minutes of me logging it. Absolutely outstanding customer support!

S Jackson gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

Service is excellent. I needed customer support on a weekend for a problem that ultimately was resolved due to a conflict caused by a HP app. These sorts of issues are really difficult to find and the technician worked with me for a couple of hours to figure it out. Honestly I've never seen customer support this good. Thanks James!!

Yaser Feyli gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

TorGuard is the most and awesome VPN out in this world, The service is awesome. The staff are so nice people and polite. The support do a great job and they are more supportive. As a Customer i keep coming back to Torguard, not only for the Nr.1 Support and Service, they have got wide range of services for incredibly low prices that you cant get anywhere ells. Theirs services is fast reliable Torguard has best quality men as staff. Thanks to my Brain damage i have difficulties to receive knowledge,i am not able to do any configuration to my router, Torguard helps me configure everything for me over teamviewer. which company out there does that for free? With TorGuard i feel safe both indoors and outside my home, anywhere in the world. finally i can sleep at nights without worry about anything or anyone. i want to encourage others to try TorGuard. TorGuard Staff i honor you and i want to give my dearest and kindest regards to you all. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

FAKKELBRIGADE1990 (fakkel) gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

I have had multiple VPN subscriptions over the years and I can safely say that Torguard is by far the best! Best service, best speed, best software, best support (live chat and instant email support), best prices. Sure there are probably cheaper options on the market, options who: log your information, who leak your identity through their software, who don't have an option for Hybrid VPN config files generator, who don't match the speeds or service of Torguard.

RR gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

TorGuard provides a global VPN server pool at a reasonable price and fantastic support to go with it... In the 2.5 years that I have been them, they have never let me down...

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