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Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express & Crypto Currencies
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Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Linux, Chrome & Firefox
OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP, SSL/TLS, Wireguard, Proxy & SOCKS5
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7 days money-back-guarantee
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3000+ Servers
55+ Countries
68+ Server locations
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Rating has a total of 144 reviews for TorGuard. In total has 49742 reviews. Which means that 0% of all reviews is about TorGuard. Our visitors give TorGuard an average of 4.3 stars. The average score on is 4.5.

TorGuard Review

With TorGuard you will get your money back within 7 days after buying if you don’t like the service. For many providers this is their way of checking if you like their service.

TorGuard has 3000 servers to connect to and you can do so through the following protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, SSTP, SSL/TLS, Wireguard, Proxy and SOCKS5. In addition to connecting manually, TorGuard provides the apps for the following platforms to easily and quickly connect to VPN: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Linux, Chrome and Firefox.

If you decide to take out your subscription with TorGuard, you can choose from 5 payment options. You can pay with the following methods at TorGuard: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express and Crypto Currencies. You can pay here with a Crypto coin! With payment via a Crypto coin, your payment can remain completely anonymous.

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Go to TorGuard View 2 packages View 144 reviews


Package Connections Data limit Renews automatically Length Package price
Proxy 1000 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 5,41 Order
90 € 13,59 Order
180 € 27,22 Order
1 jaar € 42,67 Order
2 jaar € 72,66 Order
VPN 8 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 9,08 Order
90 € 18,17 Order
180 € 27,26 Order
1 jaar € 54,52 Order
2 jaar € 90,88 Order


James Parsons gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

I have been with Torguard now for over 3 years. They have the best response time to any queries and the product, including a dedicated ips number is excellent.

Thomas gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

I have used TorGuard as a VPN provider for aprox 5 years, and I must say , this is absolutely the BEST VPN provider I have seen so far. If you have an issue, the support is fast, friendly and they don't give up until your issue(s) has been solved. For the first time I bought a dedicated IP , I had major issues with the speed , the respond time on the IP adress where bad, so I made a ticket. With some testing and replying to TG via the ticketing system - they provided a new IP adress which solved all the issues for me . No extra charge, no hasle.. no doubt on the customer, just a solution that works. I would recommend TorGuard if you are considering looking for a new VPN provider. Absolute 6 stars if I had the option :)

Heywaad gave TorGuard: 4.00 stars

The thing that makes torguard special is the vast speed associated with the dedicated IPs that i am given. IN this day and age alot of servers are being blacklisted by our favourite streaming sites as they figure out the VPN IP ranges and block it. Because of this the main servers used by several VPN providers become obsolete. Torguard succeeds in this regard by always ensuring they get new servers with different Ip ranges to circumvent the new Ip range blocking technology and in turn allows us customers to unblock our favourites. I have been using torguard for over a year now and each time my dedicated IP has hit the chopping block i have been able to do seamless IP switches within the hour at a very cheap rate. Because of this i will always be a torguard user due to the exceptional service provided. The only issues that exist for Torguard is it doesnt provide an up to date list of what sites can be unblocked (then again no site does) however i would love to see such a list created on their webpage. Also a community dedicated to highlight when such sites go down would be appreciated. Despite this it still unblock sites at the fastest speeds compared to most vpns and it is definitely the vpn to use compared to the ones that pretend to be worth your time but are really just backed by heavy advertising dollars.

Amir gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

Finally I made TorGuard as my main VPN.

E. G.G. gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

I am 73 years old and not computer savvy. I do want to keep up and learn. The most important reason for me to have TorGuard is because of their CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND THEIR PROMPT AND CLEAR RESPONSE.

Bob Hirgelt gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

I found Torguard to be very reliable and affordable. It's quick and easy to download. I also like the fact that you use separate login credentials for the connection then your account which keeps the two separate from each other. I also use it on my Iphone and have had no problems. It connects and does what it's supposed to,maintain your privacy. The other VPN I was using was double the cost and didn't have any more bells and whistles.

Marcell gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

Awesome service. Everytime friendly support and fast help. Best vpn service i ever had. regards Tino Schröder

Oasis gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

I am impressed about the quality of the service and how helpful customer service is at TorGuard, I tried other VPN services and TorGuard beats them all hands down.

Mr gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

I've tried the other more popular services you often hear about, but TorGaurd's customer service and level of expertise is unmatched. It wasn't even close actually. And most surprisingly, VPNs rated as 'the fastest' were way slower than TorGuard! Glad I made the right choice when I signed up many years ago. I'll never switch :)

ᴋɪʟʟ ꜰᴏʀ ᴛʜʀɪʟʟ gave TorGuard: 5.00 stars

Maybe cannot be the first choice for novices, but is commendable its potential of customization. This allows you to choose the best configuration for your use. You can choose between a lot of encryptions, mostly based on OpenVPN, the most secure, stable and trustly protocol, not being owned by any company (like Microsoft, as LT2P, etc.). You can set up a connection based on 512 SHA encryption OpenVPN TCP and you can rest easy. In alternative, you can connect with WireGuard, a new fast and secure protocol, but only from VPN router or Android app. You also can set up your favourites DNS, before, while and during connection, choosing between VPN's DNS, or others like Cloudflare and more. In addition, is possible to set up TorGuard to connect also with a Proxy, in the appropriate tab. If you are confused by all this configurations, you can download from the official site a script with all informations related to requirements that you have choosed. Sales and Techincal support are quicks and effectives. Prices are very competitive against the average and other services not so effectives.

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