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Rating has a total of 51 reviews for ProtonVPN. In total has 49755 reviews. Which means that 0% of all reviews is about ProtonVPN. Our visitors give ProtonVPN an average of 3.3 stars. The average score on is 4.5.

ProtonVPN Review

At ProtonVPN you can first have a trial. This gives you the opportunity to test whether this provider is good enough for you. In addition, it is possible to cancel your VPN and get your money back within 30 days of purchasing out a subscription.

ProtonVPN has 698 servers to connect to a VPN. With these VPN protocols, you can connect to the VPN servers of ProtonVPN: IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec. Of course, you can always have VPN connections connected manually. To make it easier for you, ProtonVPN has created a simple app for the following devices to connect quickly: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

If you finally take out a paid subscription with ProtonVPN then you have 3 payment options. The methods for paying at ProtonVPN are: PayPal, Bitcoin and Creditcard. You can also pay with Cryptocurrency here! A payment via a Cryptocurrency gives you the possibility to pay completely anonymously.

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Go to ProtonVPN View 4 packages View 51 reviews


Package Connections Data limit Renews automatically Length Package price
Basic 3 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 4,54 Order
1 jaar € 43,63 Order
Free 1 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 0,00 Order
Plus 5 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 9,08 Order
1 jaar € 87,25 Order
Visionary 10 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 27,23 Order
1 jaar € 261,75 Order


Sandor Strohmayer gave ProtonVPN: 2.00 stars

I would like to preface this review saying I had no problem with their VPN. My trial of their system has gone very well. Virtually no bandwidth loss, but their customer service is another issue. I had begun a trial with ProtonVPN over the weekend. Before I work with a company I send a support email to see if, when and how they respond and also to make certain that I am purchasing what I need. I sent two emails to ProtonVPN. They did not respond to either email. Reading the other reviews I noticed a habit of squeaky wheel with this company. If you post a bad review they apologize and then ask you to email them for additional help. The question is why do you have to ask them to answer a support email? In my case they felt both my support emails could be ignored. If you cannot depend on their support when things are going well, what will happen if something goes wrong? Since I work with five other persons I needed to know the service we choose would have appropriate response. I am not looking for two to four hours, especially due to the time difference. I do expect an answer within 24 hours. I am not confident that ProtonVPN can provide a modicum of the customer support expected and will respond if and when I need them.

Chris gave ProtonVPN: 2.00 stars

I had a monthly subscription to Proton Plus but I deleted it and calmed down.The speed is moderate but using Secure Core is desperately slow and in some cases(eg Iceland...)the browser doesn't open and asks for verification of your identity.ProtonVpn is not an easy-to-use tool and offers you mostly slow speed and difficulties.

Stephan Miller gave ProtonVPN: 5.00 stars

Best VPN ever. I'm using them every day without any limitations in speed. Great work and thanks.

Zexca Twar gave ProtonVPN: 5.00 stars

Excellent VPN, very stable, have been connected for 7 days straight at most without disconnecting. The speed is also very good in Norway where i live, i got a speed of 300/300 Mbps, here is a comparison from Without the VPN i get: Ping: 1 Download: 304 Mbps Upload: 313 Mbps When i connect to a VPN based in Norway and run the test again, i get these results: Ping: 11 Download: 292 Mbps Upload: 206 Mbps (This may vary from server to server, but i generally get it pretty close to the speed i pay for and usually between 10-20MS) All in all, am very happy with the service, speed and features. Also, protonvpn are based in Switzerland, witch is a huge plus if you care about your privacy! 5 Stars.

Antonio Relaskas gave ProtonVPN: 3.00 stars

I don't understand why if you are already Proton's client, you have to pay more!!! for their VPN subscription... one more (adding to other reviews) Customer Service issue...

Sam Owen gave ProtonVPN: 5.00 stars

Brilliant VPN, I've had trouble with a few VPN services in the past due to either privacy concerns or poor connection quality but Proton has no such trouble, the UI on both the mobile and desktop software is easy to use and nice to look at, the speeds are really fast and stable, and with them being based in Switzerland and and not being part of the 14 eyes alliance I have full confidence in my privacy using ProtonVPN, can't recommend them enough.

Chris gave ProtonVPN: 5.00 stars

It's great in everything: connection,speed,reliability,stability,protection,performance and functionality.

Sprax gave ProtonVPN: 5.00 stars

Ich bin nun seit über einem Jahr Nutzer von ProtonVPM und seit über einem halben Jahr auch zahlender Kunde. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der gebotenen Leistung. Ich habe hohe Down- und Uploadgeschwindigkeiten, so dass ich keinen Unterschied in Ladezeiten oder Updatedownloads feststellen kann. Der Ping ist ebenfalls nur minimal höher, sodass ich immernoch bequem damit (Echtzeit-)Onlinespiele spielen kann. Bereits mit dem günstigsten (nicht kostenfreien) Paket gibt es eine enorme Auswahl an Servern und Standorten auf der ganzen Welt. GeoBlocking? No more! Firmensitz in der Schweiz, gutes Ansehen und transparente Software und Vorgänge: Mein VPN-Anbieter meines vertrauens!

Denys Knoetze gave ProtonVPN: 1.00 stars

Paid for one year. This was never updated on their side, so I had my free week and then nothing. Tried to contact their support and nothing. Pathetic. Do yourself a favor and do not use them. They take your money and then do not provide ANY service.

Agnieszka Czarna gave ProtonVPN: 4.00 stars

Hi, I’d like to ask you what info can be seen by website owners when using your VPN? For example, if I’m signed in to my user account on my PC and I’m using Microsoft Edge browser is it possible for websites to still see my user account info, even though I’m using your VPN?

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