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Beoordeling heeft in totaal 5 beoordelingen voor In totaal heeft 49742 beoordelingen. Dat betekend dat 0% van alle beoordelingen over gaat. Onze bezoekers geven gemiddeld 4.0 sterren. De gemiddelde score op is 4.5. Review

Bij kan je binnen 7 dagen je abonnement stopzetten en je geld terug krijgen als blijkt dat na het starten van je VPN abonnement de service toch niet is wat je had gehoopt. Voor veel providers is dit een alternatief op een gratis proefperiode. heeft 118 servers om een VPN verbinding naar te maken. Met deze VPN protocollen kan je verbinden naar de VPN servers van IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, PPTP, SSL/TLS. Je kan een VPN verbindingen uiteraard altijd handmatig laten verbinden. Om het jou gemakkelijker te maken heeft voor de volgende apparaten een eenvoudige app gemaakt om snel te kunnen verbinden: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS.

Mocht je uiteindelijk een betaald abonnement afsluiten bij dan heb je daarvoor 5 betaalmogelijkheden. De methodes om te betalen bij zijn: PayPal, Bitcoin, Creditcard, AliPay en Union Pay. Je kan hier ook betalen met Cryptocurrency! Een betaling via een Cryptocurrency geeft de mogelijkheid de betaling volledig anoniem te voldoen.

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Ga naar Bekijk 1 pakketten Bekijk 5 review(s)


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VPN 6 Geen limiet Ja 30 dagen € 8,14 Bestel
90 € 21,70 Bestel
1 jaar € 52,45 Bestel
2 jaar € 81,39 Bestel


AB gaf 5.00 sterren

I’m not in China, so I can’t vouch for their services there (sorry), but they’ve been my go-to VPN for about 8 years now. Love their prices and their customer support, plus decent speeds with reliable connections. I wish there were more servers to choose from but honestly since I’m not in China I don’t need as many, and they’re adding more every month or two. I’ve seen huge growth since I started using them and love the service. I just renewed for another year.

Andrew gaf 4.00 sterren

Pretty good VPN for the price. Good speeds but wish there was a few more server locations though.

Trevor gaf 5.00 sterren

I have been using this service for some time and I can say they are the best of the group. Affordable and fast compared. Yes there have been instances where I couldnt connect through the service but like most of them, and I have tried a few, all suffer from glitches at some point.

Lee gaf 5.00 sterren

I've been using since summer 2018. I'm in China, so a reliable VPN is important, and after suffering months of no service from Pure VPN, and dodgy service from other VPNs, I didn't want to get caught out again. Saying that, any VPN could have problems over here. I signed up for just before I left England so I could test it out, with some other providers. The other's didn't work at all, so I stuck with During the last GFW clampdown (summer 2018), I experienced some loss of service for a few hours, but one of my colleagues, who was using Vyper, had no service for several days. I was happy to at least be able to use my connections. The speed can vary quite a bit, depending on the time of day, but I've had speed issues with other providers as well, so that is to be expected. Most of the time HD video works fine. I think the ISP makes a difference as well. Support tickets (no live chat) are generally answered between a few hours and a day, which is a bit slow by today's standards, but the responses usually get any issues resolved. So, so far, I don't have any major gripes with

Pace gaf 1.00 sterren

I started using this service as I am in China, the company boast impressive statistics and hype their technology. The truth if though that the service does not keep up with changes in China, making the service unusable and simply frustrating. The application is flakey to say the least, and the slow response from support staff will just get you more frustrated. Absolutely no help from these guys, there are better alternatives at cheaper prices.

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