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Beoordeling heeft in totaal 4336 beoordelingen voor NordVPN. In totaal heeft 49748 beoordelingen. Dat betekend dat 9% van alle beoordelingen over NordVPN gaat. Onze bezoekers geven NordVPN gemiddeld 4.3 sterren. De gemiddelde score op is 4.5.

NordVPN Review

Bij NordVPN kan je binnen 30 dagen je abonnement stopzetten en je geld terug krijgen als blijkt dat na het starten van je VPN abonnement de service toch niet is wat je had gehoopt. Voor veel providers is dit een alternatief op een gratis proefperiode.

NordVPN heeft 5570 servers om een VPN verbinding naar te maken. Met deze VPN protocollen kan je verbinden naar de VPN servers van NordVPN: IKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec, Wireguard, NordLynx. Je kan een VPN verbindingen uiteraard altijd handmatig laten verbinden. Om het jou gemakkelijker te maken heeft NordVPN voor de volgende apparaten een eenvoudige app gemaakt om snel te kunnen verbinden: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, AndroidTV, Linux, Chrome, Firefox.

Mocht je uiteindelijk een betaald abonnement afsluiten bij NordVPN dan heb je daarvoor 11 betaalmogelijkheden. De methodes om te betalen bij NordVPN zijn: Visa, Mastercard, iDeal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, AliPay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay en Union Pay. Je kan hier ook betalen met Cryptocurrency! Een betaling via een Cryptocurrency geeft de mogelijkheid de betaling volledig anoniem te voldoen.

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Ga naar NordVPN Bekijk 1 pakketten Bekijk 4336 review(s)


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VPN 6 Geen limiet Ja 30 dagen € 9,56 Bestel
1 jaar € 47,20 Bestel
2 jaar € 71,20 Bestel


Me gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

Don't be fooled that 30 day trial is representative of a longer term subscription. This worked fine for about a year and now it's just garbage drops after one or two page hits in the worst case. I have time left but these guys can keep it because they suck. Going elsewhere.

tin tom jr. gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

they are really cheating, i told my friend who is in panama to visit the address they given, after he visited that building he found that there is none of a company that named as Nordvpn. also we had checked the registered domain of this website it's hidden using a proxy and they had protected it by a service called euroDNS, if they are transparent about there policies why are they hiding it. i think they have a collaboration with NSA or intelligence of UK, for secretly selling our data. also my payment has gone to a company registered at US. i recommend protonvpn, because they are not only secure but also do not keep any logs. you can check their transparency report

faze baran gaf NordVPN: 5 sterren

Great vpn and great customer service

Еліот Король gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

App keeps crashing on my Oukitel Mix 2 Android. Support tried to help by getting logs from me but after an hour of trying there is still no difference. I have spoken to the support team a thousand times and they cannot help. The suggestions they made do not work and NORD refused to give me any compensation for a product that simply does not work. In this case, it would have been fair to de-activate my account and refund me because the product does not work. Regardless of the useless reply Nord put below (as if I haven't already done all your ridiculous suggestions with your staff already!!!) - Nord is not a VPN service with FAIR customer service. The app worked fine for the first few days and once I was past the trial period the app did not work properly ever since. I've even had NORD take the logs and recordings of the issue and they still could not help. I would proceed with CAUTION with NordVPN. NEVER EVER AGAIN.

Tom Sturgeon gaf NordVPN: 2 sterren

Ive used many VPNs in the past and was looking for a solid one to permanently settle down with. After researching online I decided on NordVPN due to their glowing representation in the media. I have had nothing but trouble with the service since day one. No chance I will be renewing the service - thank god I didn't buy the cheaper year long package. When I first downloaded the software it wouldn't connect at all. I'm using fully updated version of OSX on a macbook. They eventually solved that problem and that's why the two stars was given instead of just one. Every day i've tried to use the service since then it has been unbearable to surf to web with it - let alone stream. My internet service is usually very fast and allows me to comfortable surf the web without difficulty. The signal drops at least once every five minutes for an extended period of time - something that is exceptionally annoying if you're using the kill switch which closes the program you're using when the VPN crashes to protect IP leak. Most of the servers near me say 'server overloaded' when you inspect them on the client, forcing me to use further away servers to the further detriment of the already poor service. I will be moving back to TunnelBear after this as never had any problems with them and they charge so much less. EDIT - As a nice little addendum, it took me three attempts to post this review as the signal from my VPN dropped twice. (:

Jungian15 gaf NordVPN: 2 sterren

I've been using NORD for the last 3 -4 months, having purchased a three year subscription for about 70 quid, which I was initially pleased with. However, since I first began using it, I've had a raft of problems regarding my broadband speed. I actually have lightening fast broadband, which generally speaking, is able to handle all of my internet tasks with ease, but having NORD switched on completely compromises this, slowing it down to a complete crawl, which if I want to stream something means I constantly have to switch it off, thus defeating the point of having it. There are short term fixes such as switching servers, and rebooting my router, but to be honest I'm already sick of having to do this, as it only improves for a short while. Unfortunately, this has ultimately resulted in my having it predominantly switched off so that I can enjoy decent broadband, because it's clear that I'm not able to have both NORD and fast broadband at the same time. This is allegedly one of the faster VPN's on the market, and so if that really is the case, I genuinely do shudder to think what the alternatives must be like. Also, the online support isn't really up to much, as the few times I've used it have resulted in someone speaking to me in technical language that I struggle to understand, and just giving me information along the lines of..."yea, well that's what having a VPN is like", which is of no use whatsoever. I wouldn't have paid for it if I'd known all of this before doing so, so I would advise people to consider carefully before committing/subscribing.

a gaf NordVPN: 3 sterren

There are no options and customizations are extremely basic. It does have a lot of servers but so do other VPN providers so it does not stand out. If using the group option or using a config file it always connects to the closest server that you cannot turn off. So everyone will know what city you are in, defeating the purpose of a VPN. The other option is to switch between servers manually, which is a huge pain. I contacted support twice about this and both times they acted like I was crazy and ignored me. I guess they save some money doing this but at the costs of user privacy. If I knew this beforehand I would have signed up with a different provider so I am warning people here.

Ben Bradford gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

They auto renew you and screw you. Worst support ever. I would not recommend this company that operates in Panama and will take money out of your bank.

Doug Horton gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

As soon as I installed NordVPN, my Google email ceased working. I contacted NordVPN and was told I needed to change my SMTP port from 25 to an alternative port. I never had SMTP port 25. I never had the same support person and each new person told me to change my ports. I finally sent them a screen shot of my port settings and their response was port 25 won't work and I needed to change. They never seemed to read anything I sent them. Perhaps their support is some sort of AI. Voice support isn't available. Absolutely the worst support experience I've ever had. The only way it could have been worse is if they didn't respond at all

Kosterinsky, Jeltnak gaf NordVPN: 5 sterren

I have been using this service in a country with heavily restricted internet access. I used obfuscated servers for a time until noticing I didn't really have to. The connection is a bit slow at times, but that's the case even if I shut the VPN off. In fact, with the VPN on, the connection is quicker. I bought the service like a complete munchkin. I managed to misspell my email address so I didn't get the damn confirmation email. Then I made an Email ticket before going directly to live chat. The Email ticket was responded to within 24 hours, but by that time an extremely friendly chap on the live chat had long sorted out my issue quickly and unbureaucratically. Many thanks! Wouldn't be able to do much of anything here without you guys.

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