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Beoordeling heeft in totaal 15 beoordelingen voor EarthVPN. In totaal heeft 49742 beoordelingen. Dat betekend dat 0% van alle beoordelingen over EarthVPN gaat. Onze bezoekers geven EarthVPN gemiddeld 1.4 sterren. De gemiddelde score op is 4.5.

EarthVPN Review

Bij EarthVPN krijg je binnen 7 dagen je geld terug als na het afsluiten van het VPN abonnement de service toch niet naar wens is. Bij veel providers is dit een soort van proefperiode om binnen deze dagen na te gaan of de VPN service je bevalt.

EarthVPN heeft 190 servers om mee te verbinden en dit kan je doen via de volgende protocollen: OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP en SOCKS5. Naast het verbinden op een handmatige manier biedt EarthVPN de volgende apps om snel en eenvoudig met VPN te kunnen verbinden: Windows en MacOSX.

Als je besluit om je abonnement bij EarthVPN af te sluiten heb je de keuze uit 8 betalingsmogelijkheden. Met de volgende methodes kun je betalen bij EarthVPN: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, AliPay en Union Pay. Je kan hier betalen met een Crypto coin! Met het betalen via een Crypto coin kan je betaling volledig anoniem blijven.

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Ga naar EarthVPN Bekijk 1 pakketten Bekijk 15 review(s)


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1 jaar € 39,99 Bestel


kore gaf EarthVPN: 1.00 sterren

Service has been down for months and no response to support tickets.

B. Kaley gaf EarthVPN: 2.00 sterren

I used this VPN since 2015, and for a long time everything works fine with high performance. But since 2 months performance become poor - some servers unreachable. No reaction of their service. Now since Dec 21th no server reachable at all and also their website is down. Fortunately I paid per month and not per year, so nearly no loss of money. Now I will look for another VPN-Service. By the way thanks for all reviewers of the last days. It helped me to understand, what is really going on (thought something might be wrong with my network-access).

Airman gaf EarthVPN: 2.00 sterren

I have used this service for several years. It worked reasonably well, although connections with servers far from my own country were very slow or just did not connect. Over the past few months the service has stopped working completely - connections are refused. It could be they are out of business without telling us or something else is wrong, but I cannot recommend this VPN provider as things stand now.

Xavier gaf EarthVPN: 1.00 sterren

Do not use they are a scam... Servers don't connect, zero response to support tickets forget it.

Микита Разумейко gaf EarthVPN: 1.00 sterren

ITS SCAM NOW! BEWARE! 2+ years ago they have support and all their VPN servers works fine now looks like they fired all support team or smthing, and also half of their servers isnt functional i submitted ticket about money back, they guaranteed it per their FAQ but ticket just ignored now for more than a month and Paymentwall cant proceed with refund because EarthVPN ignoring their requests too, and without site permission Paymentwall cant refund the purchase i do not advice to buy anything from this scammers

Felix Guntram gaf EarthVPN: 1.00 sterren

After I quit, earthvpn closed my account promptly even though I had a few days left and paid. On demand, the service did not respond. Aich a previous question was never answered.

Zaktoo Music gaf EarthVPN: 1.00 sterren

they service doesn't work at all i open a ticket about a month ago to use there 7 Day Full Money Back Guarantee but they didn't answer it so... its a big scam and they are thieves

andy gaf EarthVPN: 1.00 sterren

Scammers. They charged me twice per month instead of once. Support ticket is now a year old and still open. No one gets back to you. Not the only one who's had similar experience.

Robin Willemse gaf EarthVPN: 1.00 sterren

Cancelled my order last year.. ticket is still open and now they are trying to let me pay again. Never be a client of these criminals.. watch out for these guys. You are warned

Brian Chiu gaf EarthVPN: 1.00 sterren

No refund will be done screw that rubbish company

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