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Visa, Mastercard, iDeal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, AliPay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay & Union Pay
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Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, AndroidTV, Linux, Chrome & Firefox
IKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec, Wireguard & NordLynx
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30 dagen geld-terug-garantie
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5570+ Servers
59+ Landen
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Beoordeling heeft in totaal 4339 beoordelingen voor NordVPN. In totaal heeft 49772 beoordelingen. Dat betekend dat 9% van alle beoordelingen over NordVPN gaat. Onze bezoekers geven NordVPN gemiddeld 4.3 sterren. De gemiddelde score op is 4.5.

NordVPN Review

Bij NordVPN kan je binnen 30 dagen je abonnement stopzetten en je geld terug krijgen als blijkt dat na het starten van je VPN abonnement de service toch niet is wat je had gehoopt. Voor veel providers is dit een alternatief op een gratis proefperiode.

NordVPN heeft 5570 servers om een VPN verbinding naar te maken. Met deze VPN protocollen kan je verbinden naar de VPN servers van NordVPN: IKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec, Wireguard, NordLynx. Je kan een VPN verbindingen uiteraard altijd handmatig laten verbinden. Om het jou gemakkelijker te maken heeft NordVPN voor de volgende apparaten een eenvoudige app gemaakt om snel te kunnen verbinden: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, AndroidTV, Linux, Chrome, Firefox.

Mocht je uiteindelijk een betaald abonnement afsluiten bij NordVPN dan heb je daarvoor 11 betaalmogelijkheden. De methodes om te betalen bij NordVPN zijn: Visa, Mastercard, iDeal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, AliPay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay en Union Pay. Je kan hier ook betalen met Cryptocurrency! Een betaling via een Cryptocurrency geeft de mogelijkheid de betaling volledig anoniem te voldoen.

Betalen bij NordVPN doe je met:

Ga naar NordVPN Bekijk 1 pakketten Bekijk 4339 review(s)


Pakket Verbindingen Datalimiet Verlengd automatisch Duur Pakketprijs
VPN 6 Geen limiet Ja 30 dagen € 9,56 Bestel
1 jaar € 47,20 Bestel
2 jaar € 71,20 Bestel


Jon gaf NordVPN: 4 sterren

These guys are great. Absolutely no problem whatsoever. Super fast connections, easy to follow instruction. The things using a VPN requires a bit of computer knowledge at the very least.

Sam Pembroke gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

Honestly a bad experience. I bought wanting it to be a gaming or at least fast enough vpn. The lag was unbearable and had a ping over 45+ general use it can be “ok” but it’s way overpriced. After one of there servers were hacked I got a refund and will never return. They need SERIOUS improvement.

Hervé gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

So slow! This VPN is so slow that it useless. Can't do anything with it. Impossible to surf on the web and even to select a country. Poor service, not worth the price paid.

Romain Malaunay gaf NordVPN: 2 sterren

Quand je penses à tout ces youtubeurs qui se font sur l'argent sur le dos de leurs abonnées en vendant ce VPN qui ralentit totalement votre machine ... franchement honte à vous ! au bout de 4 jours je me rends compte du soucis, je demande un remboursement car certains sites ne passe pas et le ralentissement est trop important et on m'envoi balader... bravo ! EDIT : après avoir suivi un tuto sur internet, j'ai réussi à me faire rembourser... enfin, avec les bon processus ça marche je passe donc d'une étoile sur 5 à 2 sur 5...

Jesper G gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

Virker ikke - og hæver automatisk fra dig kort. Der er ikke nogen funktion på deres hjemmeside hvor man kan afmelde abon. Mange sider i USA virker ikke selvom man bruger NordVPN. Brug en af de mange andre services der er, virker meget bedre

Alex gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

Used to be good but now it’s rubbish. On iOS internet just fully stops working all the time unless I disconnect from the vpn entirely. On macOS, linux and windows it’s been slow as hell for the past few months no matter what server I pick.

Lissie gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

I struggled with Nord for 5 days. NEVER LET THEM PICK THE FASTEST SERVER FOR YOU!! IT ALWAYS FAILS!!! Useless cannot get a connection fast enough to use (found one twice but when I tried to use those servers again they were overloaded) and some are denied to the point where Chrome says I have no internet connection at all! I can see on my task bar that I do have a connection. Other times everything in the browser just times out without ever loading one single tab! Download or stream with this VPN, good luck! There are no ticket ids when I made a request for refund and the chat lines say they do not provide email confirmations of that either. My only reference to a refund is a transcript of a chat I requested after not being informed of anything when I requested my account be closed and I be refunded. They terminated my service and my account no longer showed the $99 I paid them (it was just a blank account) but the charges to my credit card were still there. Strange how they can get money out of your account quickly but it takes all sorts of time to put it back. From my chat "Marcus: NordVPN does not send emails with refund confirmation.". They don't send emails for anything I have ever done with them! I did get the chat transcript I requested via email.Well, I got refunded after contacting Amazon pay and filing a claim. They(Nord) refunded promptly and EVEN EMAILED ME A CONFIRMATION OF IT! I did try their help but all they suggested was reinstall software and reboot computer after that I was disconnected from help so that was a waste of time. I now have my Torgard back and all is working as it should.

Joe gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

Anti-customer cash grab tactics. I recently subscribed for NordVPN 3-year special limited time offer, deal which has been extended weeks after weeks, months after months and is still on at the time of writing. I subscribed through TopCashback as the fabulous 60+% cashback was promised and was tracked and recorded after I finalized the payment. NordVPN charged me twice (so I'm subscribed for 6 years...) and TopCashback later denied the (single) cashback I was promised (tracked and recorded). NordVPN have been contacted multiple times through their online form since I couldn't easily find any email address (strange isn't it???). I made sure to contact their Billing Department. No reply was ever received. As I later learned from my researches online many people have had a bad experience with this shabby company. A lot of fake/paid forums/boards/YouTube users are posting positive reviews (hidden advertisements in fact) for both TopCashback and NordVPN claiming how great these company and services are. I wished I had done my due diligence in researching before falling for TopCashback and NordVPN lies.

JACK gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

I have re-ordered the nordVPN knowing that it's going to expire not knowing there is auto renewal. I only picked that up after 2 months, that I have been billed twice for the same service from the credit card bill. I tried to talk to online support (no voice as it doesn't exist), email, etc. I am given the "bot-standard" answer. I have gone past the 1 month free cancellation period, and there is nothing that can be done. I was not prompted when I was doing a "double purchase". Should I not been informed ?? Common sense said YES. This is dodgy business practice, and refusal to look at exception case, and just throwing standard answers according T&C xxx is no being helpful. BAD BAD BAD customer care !!!! If you use them, be very careful, as they don't disclose anything, and then when you are paying 2X for the same service, they will find all types of T&C as excuse not to refund. I will not use them after this period and I will remember to "auto-cancel" the subscription so as not to create future problems.

Henrik Spang Poulsen gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

Køb ikke denne VPN. Det er vanskeligt at beskrive hvor meget jeg efterhånden hader den. Opkoblingsfejl hvor program skal afsluttes og startes manuelt mellem sessioner. Ved surfing ender man temmelig ofte i en uendelig lykke med "Bevis du ikke er en robot" på grund af trafikken fra NordVPN's IP. Eneste måde man kan komme fri af det er ved at slå VPN'en fra, så kan man komme videre. Efter man har surfet noget tid opdager man at VPN'en er slået fra af sig selv, og man kan ikke koble op igen før program er genstartet. Killswitch virker ikke overhovedet på Mac. Jeg har uheldigvis haft den i 2 1/2 år (3 årigt køb) med dette bøvl. Købe den ikke, ligegyldig hvor billigt du får det. ** TIL DERES SVAR: "Kontakt vores kundeservice 24/7" skriver de, hvilket er gjort konstant i 2 år. Deres lor_ virker ikke! Tro dem ikke. Og så beder de mig endda igen om at prøve mig frem med forskellige servere. OMG! Jeg er simpelthen holdt op med at bruge deres lor_, selvom jeg har et 1/2 år tilbage.

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