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Visa, Mastercard, iDeal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, AliPay & Amazon Pay
Apps voor
Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, AndroidTV, Linux, Chrome & Firefox
IKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec, SSL/TLS & Wireguard
Gratis uitproberen
30 dagen geld-terug-garantie
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5563+ Servers
58+ Landen
Aantal locaties onbekend

Beoordeling heeft in totaal 3322 beoordelingen voor NordVPN. In totaal heeft 42910 beoordelingen. Dat betekend dat 8% van alle beoordelingen over NordVPN gaat. Onze bezoekers geven NordVPN gemiddeld 4.3 sterren. De gemiddelde score op is 4.5.

NordVPN Review

Bij NordVPN kan je binnen 30 dagen je abonnement stopzetten en je geld terug krijgen als blijkt dat na het starten van je VPN abonnement de service toch niet is wat je had gehoopt. Voor veel providers is dit een alternatief op een gratis proefperiode.

NordVPN heeft 5563 servers om een VPN verbinding naar te maken. Met deze VPN protocollen kan je verbinden naar de VPN servers van NordVPN: IKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec, SSL/TLS, Wireguard. Je kan een VPN verbindingen uiteraard altijd handmatig laten verbinden. Om het jou gemakkelijker te maken heeft NordVPN voor de volgende apparaten een eenvoudige app gemaakt om snel te kunnen verbinden: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, AndroidTV, Linux, Chrome, Firefox.

Mocht je uiteindelijk een betaald abonnement afsluiten bij NordVPN dan heb je daarvoor 9 betaalmogelijkheden. De methodes om te betalen bij NordVPN zijn: Visa, Mastercard, iDeal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, AliPay en Amazon Pay. Je kan hier ook betalen met Cryptocurrency! Een betaling via een Cryptocurrency geeft de mogelijkheid de betaling volledig anoniem te voldoen.

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VPN 6 Geen limiet Ja 30 dagen € 13,15 Bestel
1 jaar € 92,36 Bestel
2 jaar € 131,86 Bestel


Peregrîno gaf NordVPN: 5 sterren

I greatly appreciate this service and make full use of it. I highly recommend it.

customer from Bucks gaf NordVPN: 5 sterren

Great!! Great!!

Alastair Johnston gaf NordVPN: 5 sterren

Excellent and trustworthy company. Fantastic product, don’t hesitate to try.

NordVPN Customer gaf NordVPN: 5 sterren

The best one ever!

NordVPN Customer Paul L. gaf NordVPN: 5 sterren

An excellent product that u can trust. I have had no problems with it,other than have occasionally to manually start the system .

CJF gaf NordVPN: 5 sterren

I have tried a few VPNS. None have been as effective as NordVPN. Keep up the good work.

NordVPN Customer gaf NordVPN: 5 sterren

They are constantly adding new servers, fast. The app has been evolving, currently without problems worth noting, very easy to use. I recommend it

NordVPN Customer P.J. van der Zwaan. gaf NordVPN: 1 sterren

Hello members of the team, On my ipad it's oké - 5 stars. But on my 12''Macbook, High Sierra, more than two yeers nothing but trouble with the connection. After every update I had to contact you to make things go. Several months ago, after my last update, everything went wrong. Even my mail was out of control. I tried and I asked, but there was no adequate solution. Since there was no help I decided to delete your service totally out of my system. And now I have nothing. That's why I'm considering, especial for my Macbook, to buy in due course another vpn service. So good-buy NordVPN good-buy and farewell. With kind regards P.J. van der Zwaan

NordVPN Customer gaf NordVPN: 4 sterren

We are mostly satisfied. We find if something we are trying to accomplish doesn't work, the first thing to do is shut off the VPN. Usually, we finish the task at hand and turn VPN back on. For example, Quicken occasionally wants you to log in again. It will trigger a pop up box, but the box is not populated. You have to shut off the VPN to allow the pop-up box to populate so you can enter the password. Other applications call up maps that never load. CBSN through Chrome browser seldom works while VPN is on. Sometimes things are too slow, so we select a different server and that resolves the issue. We have learned to deal with the issues. We have complained to Quicken and Microsoft about problems with the applications concerning VPN. We wanted to install VPN on our router, but we think that would cause problems. So, we use VPN on our computer and iPhones.

NordVPN Customer gaf NordVPN: 5 sterren

Very large number of servers available across the world, always running perfectly. The Android app is light, user friendly and very pleasant to use. A CLI app is also available for Linux and I also use the Firefox extension. I use NordVPN every day to connect to public WiFi while commuting to work or traveling. My home server is also permanently connect through it. The customer service is very professional and reactive. I love NordVPN and strongly recommend it!

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