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Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, AndroidTV, Linux, Chrome & Firefox
IKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec, Wireguard & NordLynx
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Rating has a total of 4336 reviews for NordVPN. In total has 49748 reviews. Which means that 9% of all reviews is about NordVPN. Our visitors give NordVPN an average of 4.3 stars. The average score on is 4.5.

NordVPN Review

With NordVPN, you can stop your subscription within 30 days and get your money back if it turns out that after starting your VPN subscription the service is not what you had hoped for. For many providers, this is an alternative to a free trial period.

NordVPN has 5570 servers to connect to a VPN. With these VPN protocols, you can connect to the VPN servers of NordVPN: IKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec, Wireguard, NordLynx. Of course, you can always have VPN connections connected manually. To make it easier for you, NordVPN has created a simple app for the following devices to connect quickly: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, AndroidTV, Linux, Chrome, Firefox.

If you finally take out a paid subscription with NordVPN then you have 11 payment options. The methods for paying at NordVPN are: Visa, Mastercard, iDeal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, AliPay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Union Pay. You can also pay with Cryptocurrency here! A payment via a Cryptocurrency gives you the possibility to pay completely anonymously.

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Go to NordVPN View 1 packages View 4336 reviews


Package Connections Data limit Renews automatically Length Package price
VPN 6 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 9,56 Order
1 jaar € 47,20 Order
2 jaar € 71,20 Order


Michael C gave NordVPN: 1 stars

Connection speeds from Australia to UK are incredibly poor, went from 100/40mpbs down/up to ~1mbps/0.8mpbs.... the negative reviews here are accurate, unfortunately their marketing department have swamped google so a lot of sites look to be sponsoring them. You may get better connectivity to US or other locations. My refund is hopefully on it's way.

Reno gave NordVPN: 1 stars

Hello! I am really disapointed with the customer service of NordVpn. I bought one year ago a subscription on google play store that I thought for 3 years. Almost at the end of my first year subscription, I received from NordVpn an email for new subscription with the same price I paid last year. I realize my mistake that it was not 3 years but 1 year subscription and wrote to NordVpn about it. They answer me that if I take through their website the 3 years subscription, THEY WILL refund my 1st year throuth google play. They ask me to cancel my subscription to google play and pay the 3 years directly with them. It's what I do. Some weeks later I wrote them cuz I didnt still receive any refund. I explain again my situation and they told me that I have to deal with Google play (1st lie) whereas they wrote me before this that NordVpn will do my refund and not google play. Whatever i wrote to google play which answer me that they cannot refund me cuz I cancelled the subcription and I should deal directly with the developer (2nd lie). Until today NordVpn doesnt want to assume what it wrote to me and convince me to renew 3 years directly with them. I still do not have any refund and I spent more money on this 3 years subcription with them. I am really disapointed that NordVpn doesnt respect what they wrote to me about my refund. Their customer service isnt able to help at all and redirect me all the time to google play store when google play store answered me to deal with NordVpn. Last joke is that NordVpn which asked me before to cancel my subscription with google play store in order to get my refund wrote me now that because I cancelled it, I cannot pretend refund... full of lies!!! What a shame!

M gave NordVPN: 1 stars

It’s a Scam don’t use this its rubbish, plus they took £76 from my account for something that doesn’t work. Refused to deal with it their support is rubbish. Clearly I should have checked reviews first because they are unanimously negative about both the App and the service. They should be ashamed of themselves and I look forward to the legislation coming in to stop company’s like this basically stealing money from users and using small print in T&C to justify it.

Nick K. gave NordVPN: 5 stars

I always had a positive experience with Nordvon and the same goes for their support which appears most of the time, to be instant. A little downside is not accepting Paypal, which can be problematic. But that is all. Otherwise the service is just fine.

Paul gave NordVPN: 1 stars

I have had NordVPN for about a year but not really used it, now I am based in Vietnam and because of restrictions on internet I really needed to use it. Unfortunately It doesn’t work, I spent 20 minutes going through different connections on several occasions and still not a steady connection.i talked with customer services and went through all the same details only to be told that they could not guarantee a connection and if I did get one I might have to find a different one if I changed my channel I was viewing!!!, not what you want to be doing. I tried ExpressVPN and to my surprise I got a connection straight away with no buffering issues and I could browse through my channels on iptv without a problem, so why is it if Express VPN can do it Nord Vpn cannot?. By the way Nord vpn will not give you a refund after 30 days even if you have a 2 year subscription and you cannot use their services!!!

iconoclast67 gave NordVPN: 1 stars

I recently had connection problems with Nord after having used the program without incident for 6 months so I contacted support, and was give the same copy and paste responses they always give. Change UDP to TCP change DNS to Nord, reset app, and make sure Nord is allowed in your security system, which of course I did but still had the same problem. Every time I got an email from a different person all repeating what I had been told by other agents. After telling them that I had checked everything I sent them my Diagnostics results and yet no one has replied telling me that they have checked them and to offer a solution. Their replies show they they don't read the whole correspondence just react to the latest response by whichever agent happens to read it and problems are not followed up by the person who initially replied to them to make sure the problem has been solved. I don't think there is any IT expert reading them just customer support agents who copy and paste the same responses! I signed up for 3 years and really wish I hadn't now! In response to the Nord reply they did not fix my problem I was given the same copy and paste spiel I got before and when I told them I had done all those things numerous times was told to use an obfuscated server which is for people who live in restricted locations and I am not! All the support does is give you what is already printed on their site no real technical expertise at all. Only when the app was updated did it work properly again no thanks to the support staff!

Yogi gave NordVPN: 1 stars

Der kan være mange fordele ved at vælge en VPN-forbindelse, så dem der måtte overveje det, behøver næppe en forklaring af løsningen. Jeg vil dog gerne fortælle, hvorfor man ikke skal vælge NordVPN som leverandør, men om andre VPN-udbydere kan gøre det bedre, er jeg desværre ikke bekendt med. Jeg startede med et abonnement, hvor NordVPN hurtigt fik mig til at vælge et 3-årigt abonnement, da man så sparer en del penge. Jeg kørte med en Windows-løsning, og derfor var det kun min PC, som var VPN-beskyttet. Desværre betød det, at udover at jeg fik reduceret min 100/100 Mbit til sølle 35/35 Mbit, så fik NordVPN installationen også smadret mit netværk, så jeg måtte ominstallere Windows. Jeg havde talt med support om en router-løsning, da alle enheder så krypteres, når de tilgår nettet via routeren. Jeg købte derfor en af de bedste routere på markedet, hvilket er en udskrivning på små 2500 kr. I routeren installerede jeg så NordVPN under klientdelen for OpenVPN, men desværre er der stadig en nedgang i hastighed på ca. 65% i både up- og download. Fat i support igen, som kun kunne forklare det med, at routeren simpelthen ikke kan nå at bearbejde trafikken hurtigt nok, så at det er flaskehalsen. Vi prøvede selvfølgelig at vælge den hurtigste forbindelse, som NordVPN's eget værktøj kan hjælpe med, og det gav ingen forskel, om jeg valgte TCP eller UDP. Jeg har derfor ofret penge på et 3-årigt abonnement, hvor jeg så mister 65% af den forbindelse, som jeg betaler dyrt for, og da jeg ikke kan få nogen refusion, kan jeg altså vælge at køre uden NordVPN, og så konstatere, at jeg har smidt $107 ud af vinduet, eller jeg kan køre med reduceret hastighed, og så svarer det til, at jeg hver måned fremover smider et beløb ud, svarende til den difference et 30/30 og et 100/100 Mbit abonnement udgør. Supporten hos NordVPN via chat var upåklagelig, så de skal ikke have kritik, men det er en ringe trøst, da det jo ikke giver mig en økonomisk oprejsning.

Anders Jakobsen gave NordVPN: 5 stars

I signed up for three years and tried for a week. While the software and service worked as advertised I realised I would not be using it enough to justify the cost and I fired up a chat. Two minutes later my subscribtion was cancelled and two days later my money was back on my account. Their 30 days money back guarantee is working 100% as advertised.

Sina gave NordVPN: 1 stars

A peddling service! I wonder how come my 1000mb internet drops to 9mb when I use this peddling service, eventhough it is your fastest server? I don't have any anti virus or torrent or other F*** thing! and all of my systems are update . Geniuses! there is some thing else, when I use poffin browser your service leaks says that for instant when I connect to your UK server and use whatismyip to check my ip locatiopn, it recognize a server cloud on Poland! Why you don't shutdown the VPN business, you can sell candies, OK? Reply to reply of NordVPN: Of course I responded! Indeed I responded! but you replied with another series of unnecessary and stupid request. YOU ARE TRYING TO DODGE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ABOUT THIS JUNKY SERVICE YOU SOLD BY ASKING STUPID QUESTION!!! FOR GOD SAKE GENIUSES! THE COLOR OF MY PANTS DOESN'T HELP YOU TO FIX YOU GARBAGE SERVERS, OK? SO DO YOU F*** JOB!!!!!!

Олег Наумов gave NordVPN: 4 stars

Not Bad quality!

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