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Visa, Mastercard, iDeal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, AliPay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay & Union Pay
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Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, AndroidTV, Linux, Chrome & Firefox
IKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec, Wireguard & NordLynx
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5570+ Servers
59+ Countries
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Rating has a total of 4339 reviews for NordVPN. In total has 49771 reviews. Which means that 9% of all reviews is about NordVPN. Our visitors give NordVPN an average of 4.3 stars. The average score on is 4.5.

NordVPN Review

With NordVPN, you can stop your subscription within 30 days and get your money back if it turns out that after starting your VPN subscription the service is not what you had hoped for. For many providers, this is an alternative to a free trial period.

NordVPN has 5570 servers to connect to a VPN. With these VPN protocols, you can connect to the VPN servers of NordVPN: IKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec, Wireguard, NordLynx. Of course, you can always have VPN connections connected manually. To make it easier for you, NordVPN has created a simple app for the following devices to connect quickly: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, AndroidTV, Linux, Chrome, Firefox.

If you finally take out a paid subscription with NordVPN then you have 11 payment options. The methods for paying at NordVPN are: Visa, Mastercard, iDeal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, AliPay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Union Pay. You can also pay with Cryptocurrency here! A payment via a Cryptocurrency gives you the possibility to pay completely anonymously.

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Go to NordVPN View 1 packages View 4339 reviews


Package Connections Data limit Renews automatically Length Package price
VPN 6 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 9,56 Order
1 jaar € 47,20 Order
2 jaar € 71,20 Order


Veronica gave NordVPN: 1 stars

I downloaded the 7 day free version from app store to try it out. Without my knowledge and without proper warning they charged me for an expensive yearly subscribtion directly after the seven days. The information about this is very vague. I have never experienced this method from another company. Do not make the same mistake I did and stay away from this app!

Rich gave NordVPN: 1 stars

Terrible customer service. Charged twice by mistake, which you would think they would be willing to refund me for, however after two complaints sent to them (you have to refill in the complaint form each time!) they have not responded after two months. It may be a secure VPN service but I personally could not recommend it! EDIT: The response to my review from NordVPN: "Hello Rich. Apologies for any inconveniences that you've encountered. However, as we can see per your provided reference number, you've never reached our customers' support team. Hence, please drop a line to our team at regarding instant assistance on the matter. Thank you!" The complaint form I have already filled in, so this is an issue with your site that should be fixed for all future customers who have issues. If the form that is recommended on your site does not work why is it featured on the page - two times I filled it in and you have highlighted that the form did not work either time.

David Leafe gave NordVPN: 1 stars

Be very wary of accepting a seven-day free trial with this company. I tried to cancel mine before the trial expired but found myself locked into a £81.99 annual subscription fee which neither Apple or NordVPN are willing to refund - each claimng that the other are responsible. Their customer services fend you off with glib blandishments but the bottom line is that once you've given them your money you have little chance of getting it back.

Henning Gravesen gave NordVPN: 1 stars

Det starter med at jeg læser nogle utroligt gode anmeldelser af Nordvpn på danske hjemmesider, åbenbart meddelere betalt af Nordvpn, for at få kunder til deres elendige program. Jeg vælger at prøve 1 måned hvor jeg kan få pengene tilbage indenfor 30 dage hvis jeg ikke er tilfreds. Prisen på Nordvpn,s hjemmeside er angivet i euro. Jeg betaler med mit visa kort, men nu er prisen lige pludselig i USD og der tillægges dansk moms 25%. Jeg betaler alligevel jeg kan jo få pengene tilbage. Programmet indstalleres og jeg kan straks konstatere at hastigheden er alt for dårlig. Jeg har 500/500 men højeste hastighed med Nordvpn på danske og udenlandske servere er max 118 Mbps. Jeg anmoder om at få tilbagebetaling, da jeg ikke er tilfreds med programmet Nordvpn vil gerne have svar på nogle spørgsnål først. Hvor jeg befinder nig?, internetudbyder,servere jeg har benyttet, operativsystem og version, internetforbindelse home/work/school/public,prøvet både TCP og UDP, speedtest med VPN til og fra og screenshot skal sendes til Norvpn, antivirus. Som almindelig bruger svarer jeg så godt det er muligt. Så følger endnu flere spørgsmål som kun kan besvares af en IT specialist. IP adresse Webrtc ? og DNS, kopiering af programfiler til antivirus, liste over samtlige programmer på min PC, åben command prompt og kør nogle commandoer (nig bekendt kan være farligt) Jeg opgiver kampen, de kan beholde pengene og slette min konto. Der bliver bakket lidt, jeg vil få refundering indenfor 7-10 dage. Jeg skal lige besvare et par spørgsmål:betalingsmetode, dato for betaling og beløb (det må de vide, betalingen er modtaget ved Nordvpn) Jeg besvarer spørgsmålene og tror nu er alt godt. Men jeg er for godtroende. Nu vil de have oplyst sidste 4 cifre på mit kreditkort, fulde navn og udløbsdato. Oplysninger de har i forvejen. Jeg opgiver og skriver Nordvpn kan slette min konto. Nordvpn meddeler de har slettet min konto og ingen refusion. HOLD JER LANGT VÆK FRA NORDVPN.

Mr Barney Jones gave NordVPN: 1 stars

Really wanted a VPN to make surfing safer. NordVPN looked great and, with a great offer at the moment - £114 for 3 years not too pricey, especially as this was advertised as a direct debit price at £2.32 per month for 3 years. Perfect - right up to the point that I tried to sign up for a direct debit. The first time it didn't go through - may have typed an incorrect number I guess. The second time it went through - but no access. 2 days later I received an email to say that they were taking a direct debit payment for the full amount of £114! Hang on, this was not shown anywhere - despite their protestations to the contrary. It was clearly shown as £2.32 / month for 3 years. No problem, I thought, I'll call the bank and get them to stop it. No - can't be done because they've taken it as a card payment and not a direct debit. In the end I am going to have to wait for the payment to reach them and they will return the payment - in around 10 days. Just not good enough - didn't even get access to the VPN service! So - misrepresented in their adverts and payment amounts, dishonest with regards to payment type and singularly unhelpful in trying to resolve it. In short - DON'T USE THEM - Plenty of other, more honest VPN providers out there that will give instant access

DJ gave NordVPN: 1 stars

SlowAF servers

flyman_gm gave NordVPN: 1 stars

Nordvpn offer a few days of free use so you can have a look at the product. After that they charge you even if you don't ever activate/use or open the browser again. It is incredibly difficult to find how to cancel the charges and they will NOT refund you.

Will Johnston gave NordVPN: 1 stars

As soon as I installed the app my email program stopped working, and I had to spend hours figuring it out and getting mail to function again. For this reason I immediately stopped using Nord and sent a message through their website to refund my month license. Nord didnt follow up and they claim no message was sent, which is all rather self serving... AND ITS JUST SIMPLY NOT TRUE. They know I cant prove it and I am also not going to go any further than writing this review because its just not worth my time, its a business calculation for them to treat customers like this (I guess in this case they dont expect I'll ever be a future customer, so they dont care). Fair warning what you can expect from them. UPDATE: Nord claims in their response below that there is no record of me contacting them through their system. I did with 100% certainty. I wouldn't be going to this hassle over the money, its the principle of the matter. Its completely self serving and in their interest to throw out communications like mine so that they can refuse to issue refunds. This is unethical whether or not they get away with it as they do in cases like this.

Milan gave NordVPN: 1 stars

NordVPN bietet nur die üblichen Funktionen und ist nicht mehr als ein Standard-VPN-Anbieter, der die meisten Server bei M247 mietet, deren IP-Adressen auf vielen Webseiten erkannt und nicht selten gesperrt werden und zu häufigen Captcha-Abfragen führen. Seiten wie,, oder kann man gar nicht nutzen. Selbst die Wikipedia sperrt die Bearbeitung mit IPs von NordVPN. Hinzu kommen immer wieder Serverüberlastungen, bei denen sich keine Seite mehr aufbaut. Anstatt den Hoster zu wechseln, missbraucht einen der Support als Proband fürs Troubleshooting der Desktop-App, als hätten sie selbst keinen Mac, um die Probleme zu testen. Folge ich den Anweisungen des Supports, bleiben Webseiten(funktionen) weiterhin unerreichbar. Statt die Probleme ernstzunehmen, werden falsche Tatsachen behauptet und/oder die Emails werden unaufmerksam gelesen, was aufs gleiche hinausläuft, denn mein Rechner wird zum Problem erklärt. Schickt man ein Beweisvideo, war der Anhang zu groß. Einfach nur lächerlich. Letzter Rat des Supports: "If you were still unable to access these websites, we would highly recommend using our browser extension." Genau der selbe unnütze Support im Live-Chat. Man wird nicht ernstgenommen und könnte meinen, man redet mit einem Bot. Habe ein Live-Chat-Protokoll hier verlinkt: open?id=1FgAMvQ_O88LS7M7JKQ8J-cXNOUG4rSSp (URL zusammenfügen) Einfach nur peinlich für einen ComputerBild-Testsieger!

Ted gave NordVPN: 1 stars

Ужасно не стабильное соединение! Если раздумываете над покупкой - выберете другой продукт!

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