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Rating has a total of 15 reviews for EarthVPN. In total has 49742 reviews. Which means that 0% of all reviews is about EarthVPN. Our visitors give EarthVPN an average of 1.4 stars. The average score on is 4.5.

EarthVPN Review

With EarthVPN you will get your money back within 7 days after buying if you don’t like the service. For many providers this is their way of checking if you like their service.

EarthVPN has 190 servers to connect to and you can do so through the following protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP and SOCKS5. In addition to connecting manually, EarthVPN provides the apps for the following platforms to easily and quickly connect to VPN: Windows and MacOSX.

If you decide to take out your subscription with EarthVPN, you can choose from 8 payment options. You can pay with the following methods at EarthVPN: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, AliPay and Union Pay. You can pay here with a Crypto coin! With payment via a Crypto coin, your payment can remain completely anonymous.

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Go to EarthVPN View 1 packages View 15 reviews


Package Connections Data limit Renews automatically Length Package price
VPN 3 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 3,99 Order
1 jaar € 39,99 Order


Marc De Smet gave EarthVPN: 2.00 stars

I use EarthVPN since several years. Years ago technical support was really good answering in a few hours. Since Oct 2017 I have open tickets that are never answered (today 14 feb 2018). There is no technical support anymore. Emails to technical support or sales at Earthvpn automatically open a ticket which is never replied to. I have the impression the servers still work, but the company seems to be broke

Aaron K. gave EarthVPN: 4.00 stars

VPN pas mauvais, un des moins chers du marché.

Doug gave EarthVPN: 1.00 stars

Signed up for the EarthVPN service based on their - "7 days money back guarantee". Used the service and realised it was slowish compared to others I've used and decided to activate the money back guarantee only to discover that EarthVPN offers truly abysmal customer service. Had to log a support ticket to request the refund. The ticket remained open for over a week with no update (other than me chasing a couple of times). 8 days later, I get an update saying the ticket was closed because I hadn't responded. Responded to what? I reviewed the now closed ticket and the only updates were mine. Out of interested this behaviour is consistent with other reviews I've read - support tickets just closed with no updates. I logged another ticket, which was closed by EarthVPN with no update or response. Eventually decided to log an issue with PayPal who thankfully resolved in my favour and obtained a refund directly from them. My advice - if you are looking for a VPN service then do yourself a favour and avoid EarthVPN as they are not to be trusted.

Daniil Harun gave EarthVPN: 1.00 stars

Do not return the money within 7 days after the test. Open tickets ignore or close.

Axel gave EarthVPN: 1.00 stars

They have a "no questions 7 day moneyback guarantee" so I paid via bitpay. I realised their service was poor and slow so I asked for a refund within 2 hours. They close my support tickets and ignore my emails. Total scam

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