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Rating has a total of 9336 reviews for PureVPN. In total has 49748 reviews. Which means that 19% of all reviews is about PureVPN. Our visitors give PureVPN an average of 4.8 stars. The average score on is 4.5. With this, PureVPN scores higher than average.

PureVPN Review

This is the review page of PureVPN. Here you will find an in-depth analysis of the use of the VPN service at PureVPN. In this review, we look in more detail at the following elements: Speed, installation, app use, the number of servers and countries, support and the various packages and payment options.

PureVPN speedtest

We perform speed tests with In addition, we opt for the server determined by and a multi-connection. First we perform the test without the connection with VPN and then with a VPN connection. We perform these two tests directly one after the other *. After comparing speed with and without VPN, we then perform a test on a VPN server in America.

The speed at our test location is very high. This allows us to fully test the speed of the VPN service.

Speedtest without connection to VPNSpeedtest without connection to VPN
Speedtest connected with VPNSpeedtest connected with VPN
Speedtest connected with VPN in the USASpeedtest connected with VPN in the USA

As you can see, the speed at our test location is very high. This also immediately shows that when we are connected to the VPN service, this speed is not achieved. The speed that is achieved with the connected VPN on PureVPN is still very high and therefor you will never be bothered by the connection with the VPN servers. Also the speed that is achieved when you connect to the servers in America are still very high. If you are connected to a server in America you will not experience any inconvenience.

* Despite the fact that we perform the tests as directly as possible after each other, a speed test depends on many causes. As a result, a speed test is always indicative.

PureVPN Ease of installation

It is fairly easy to install the correct app at PureVPN. If you are logged in on the page of PureVPN you can click on apps in the menu. Where the app is immediately indicated with which you are logged in at that moment. We opted for the Mac installation. After downloading and installing the software, the app asks you to log in with the data that you have received in a separate email.

Download the appDownload the app
Install the appInstall the app
Login with the data from the emailLogin with the data from the email

We chose to download the Mac installation, but there are several apps that you can choose of. Below you can see them all.

All apps of PureVPNAll apps of PureVPN

PureVPN app easy of use

We will now take a closer look at the app. What is immediately noticeable is that the app distinguishes between being able to connect to a specific country or city. But it is also possible to connect to a server that is suitable for a popular website, we have chosen Netflix US.

Use “Run Ping Test” to determine the fastest serverUse “Run Ping Test” to determine the fastest server
Choose the website you want to use with VPNChoose the website you want to use with VPN

The PureVPN app has many options. The easiest option to use is to select a mode. You select what you will use the VPN for the most and the settings are optimized based on your choice. Because of this you know that even with little knowledge of all settings you always make the right choice.

There are a lot of settings to choose from within the appThere are a lot of settings to choose from within the app
Choose a mode that suits you VPN usage the bestChoose a mode that suits you VPN usage the best

What we wanted to highlight separately is the “Internet Kill Switch” option. This option ensures that when the VPN connection is interrupted, you can no longer do anything on the internet. This ensures that you are only connected to the internet if the VPN is really connected. This means your connection is always secure.

Activate the Kill-Switch for extra safetyActivate the Kill-Switch for extra safety

PureVPN servers and countries

At PureVPN you can connect to approximately 2000 servers, at 180 locations in 140 countries. This gives you enough options to always be able to connect to the right server or location. The number of servers, locations and countries at PureVPN is very high and PureVPN therefore scores very well.

PureVPN offers a lot of different serversPureVPN offers a lot of different servers

PureVPN support

We are going to test the support of PureVPN by starting a live chat about a fairly simple question. We then look at how quickly customer service responds and how quickly our question is answered. In addition, we also check whether the customer service representative is friendly to us, even though we ask a fairly simple question.

After entering my details in the chat window I was answered within 10 seconds. After asking the question it took 2.5 minutes before the correct answer I had hoped was given. Very fast service! We asked us to send us a copy of the chat, but this was explained nicely that we could do this ourselves. After we had clicked on this, we immediately had it in the mailbox. More than excellent support!

After sharing these results, we look at the support page of PureVPN. Is the support page intuitive? Do you find the answers to your questions quickly?

The support page with well functioning search engineThe support page with well functioning search engine

The support page is good, complete and easy to reach. There is a search function available, which gave the correct answer to the question we typed. Furthermore, you can quickly click through to different categories and you will find a quick button to the chat function that is available 24/7. The support page is also easy to find from within the app, from here you can also easily start a chat to solve your problem. Useful!

Find support and the chat within the appFind support and the chat within the app

PureVPN packages and payment options

At PureVPN they have one product, VPN. We think the price-quality ratio is very good at PureVPN. Especially if you buy in advance for 2 years you save 70%! View the costs per period in the table below.

Package Connections Data limit Renews automatically Length Package price
VPN 5 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 9,60 Order
1 jaar € 40,96 Order
2 jaar € 61,12 Order

You can try the VPN service at PureVPN by signing up a subscription and canceling your subscription within 31 days if you don’t like it. Within these 31 days, they have a money-back-guarantee.

You can pay in 12 ways at PureVPN. Because of this there is always the payment option that you want at PureVPN. Paying with Bitcoin is also possible, this ensures that you remain even more anonymous.

Conclusion review about PureVPN

We are very satisfied with the tests done at PureVPN. The speed is more than to our satisfaction, The app is easy to install and offers a lot of possibilities, but is also easy to understand and use for the less advanced user. The support was quick and friendly. PureVPN is very good in price/quality ratio!

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Alyen gave PureVPN: 5 stars

ottima vpn grazie a questa ora nei videogiochi ho nat 2 invece che il nat 3 dell operatore wind.

Doug Karpinsky gave PureVPN: 5 stars

must have!!!!!!!

shahimermaid kaur gave PureVPN: 5 stars

nice and makes work easy

David Payne gave PureVPN: 5 stars

I've now got used to relocating my Laptop to Italy in order to view Italian TV. It works very well for that purpose but it's important to Disconnect before going online to, for example, your Bank in the UK. They could suspect that your account is being hacked! To summarise: A very useful tool, but use it with care!

gekke draak gave PureVPN: 5 stars

Ben al enige tijd lid van PUREVPN en het doet wat het moet doen en ook nog snel,meer wens men toch niet van een VPN een trouwe fan.

Jr Dodson gave PureVPN: 5 stars

Fast easy to use Pure VPN It just works great

Jeff C gave PureVPN: 5 stars

great great great

Izmoqwy gave PureVPN: 5 stars

Best VPN I've tried so far. I'm using PureVPN since February thanks to an exclusive offer (10$ for one year (!!)) and it works fine. When using the VPN using a browser extension the bandwidth is kinda limited but when using it with the app (or any other way than the browser) there is (almost) no impact on the bandwidth. The linux CLI works fine as well for those interested.

Lars gave PureVPN: 1 stars

Ich hatte ein "Probeabo" mit PureVPN, und dann versucht diese innerhalb des "garantierten" Probezeitraums zu kündigen, da mir das VPN nicht von Nutzen war. Daraufhin hat PureVPN vermieden die Kündigung zu bestätigen, bzw. die Kündigung wurde nicht akzeptiert und solange durch sinnlose Email (Bitte bleiben Sie doch Kunde, wir machen Ihnen so tolle Angebote etc.) beschwatzt, bis ich in meinem Fall das Thema nicht mehr weiter verfolgt habe, weil ich ja gekündigt hatte, und dies auch dort angekommen war. Trotzdem wurde mir weder die Kosten für mein Probeabo erstattet und, noch schlimmer, im Jahr darauf wieder der Jahresbetrag abgebucht. Auf Schreiben reagiert diese Firma nicht, und versteckt sich sehr gut in Hongkong, oder wo auch immer der Firmensitz ist. Meine Meinung: Das ist ein Abzockverein, der gerne nimmt aber wenig bringt. Meiner Ansicht unbedingt zu vermeiden, da man rechtlich ja auch schlecht in Hongkong vorgehen kann.

david armstrong gave PureVPN: 5 stars

Pure vpn is great for a casual home user. I get an amazing black Friday deal making them the cheapest out there for a decent vpn. I mostly use for Streaming to stop any throttling or blocking. Interface is simple enough on both windows and android. Occasionally I get slow or no service but switch server clears it up almost every time. There are better UI and servers out there but for cost and normal use its a great service. I would highly recommend pure vpn. What else do j like about them: The tech support works well. They promoted offers such as users gifting free subscription to friends The multi device The user satisfaction emails and that they are constantly trying to develop new features

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