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Rating has a total of 5814 reviews for PrivateInternetAccess. In total has 46482 reviews. Which means that 13% of all reviews is about PrivateInternetAccess. Our visitors give PrivateInternetAccess an average of 4.2 stars. The average score on is 4.5.

PrivateInternetAccess Review

With PrivateInternetAccess, you can stop your subscription within 7 days and get your money back if it turns out that after starting your VPN subscription the service is not what you had hoped for. For many providers, this is an alternative to a free trial period.

PrivateInternetAccess has 3292 servers to connect to a VPN. With these VPN protocols, you can connect to the VPN servers of PrivateInternetAccess: OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, PPTP, Proxy, SOCKS5. Of course, you can always have VPN connections connected manually. To make it easier for you, PrivateInternetAccess has created a simple app for the following devices to connect quickly: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

If you finally take out a paid subscription with PrivateInternetAccess then you have 7 payment options. The methods for paying at PrivateInternetAccess are: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin and Amazon Pay. You can also pay with Cryptocurrency here! A payment via a Cryptocurrency gives you the possibility to pay completely anonymously.

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Package Connections Data limit Renews automatically Length Package price
VPN 10 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 6,32 Order
1 jaar € 36,31 Order
2 jaar € 63,57 Order


David gave PrivateInternetAccess: 3 stars

I have no knowledge of VPN and really signed up to see if it could help with Kodi. So still not tried particularly but Kodi seems to be just the same - slow as heck.

KA gave PrivateInternetAccess: 5 stars

Affordable, fast, reliable, and with a good track record of privacy. What more could you want?

Jason H gave PrivateInternetAccess: 1 stars

Wireguard requires their silly app. Day one was able to max my connection out. The next day I am seemingly capped at 1.7MBps. Ridiculous. It's wireguard! The fastest code, fastest tunnel that has the best security. These savants want me to try using openvpn. Trash! How about you quit screwing with your customers and leave things alone. It's 2020 if you can't max my connection or tunnel to the very same route and data center as my ISP with wireguard protocol then your service is garbage. That IS the bottom line. 72 hrs or I walk and request my 30-day money-back guarantee. Not waiting for day 31 so you can say sorry, here's even worse service. **Updated Reply** Your response is non-other than a fine example of your company's less than stellar performance. I gave all of that information as well as my full name with this review AND last night when I contacted tech support. If you cannot even put two and two together then I am right in preparing myself to leave your sorry service behind. I pay you for a service, I don't get paid to give you the same information ad nauseum. When I pay you for service you work for me, rather that's how it should work. It is becoming very apparent that you have zero employees with common sense let alone any form of IT training whatsoever.

Peter gave PrivateInternetAccess: 1 stars

Could not send email when using PIA and support did not solve the problem. ( Whitelisting the smtp server). Update after response from PlA on trustpilot review: a ticket was opened and a solution was said would be available within 24h. After 24h the problem was not solved and PIA responded that I had to wait 48 or 72h. After 72h still no solution. This means for me : PIA can not be trusted therefor I had to cancel my subscription.

Loredana Ckivu gave PrivateInternetAccess: 5 stars

Very pleased!!

mikel smart gave PrivateInternetAccess: 5 stars

Used PIA for years and it's great.

Darren gave PrivateInternetAccess: 1 stars

Never had so many pop ups. Had nord before but that was slow, but no pop ups on the pages.

Jose gave PrivateInternetAccess: 5 stars

I honestly love the service. It is very affordable. Their app is super blind friendly. The app on the iPhone is super accessible with VoiceOver.

Zoran Karavla gave PrivateInternetAccess: 5 stars

Great and fast support!

K Boss gave PrivateInternetAccess: 5 stars

I love this program and how it works. I personally want to thank the King of Segways, who's the one that got me into a lot of great ideas that actually work and for other things like Folding @ Home. Your Private Internet Access program is so easy to install, get running in a matter of a couple of minutes, and to feel at ease from all the prying eyes that snoop endlessness at our personal S#!T to a grinding halt. You're the best :) P.S. Alan Charlesworth, I have no problem accessing Netflix. I just type in Netflix in Google search or any other lame search engine and click the related Netflix link and then link to my Icon bar in Google and walla... all taken care of and off watching my life away. It really is a great program that allows you to customize your access to whatever you want too, to avoid simple frustrations. I found that reading really helps to avoid key smashing and loud grunts like our ancestors did back in the day before our leap in technology from our alien friends.

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