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Rating has a total of 4336 reviews for NordVPN. In total has 49748 reviews. Which means that 9% of all reviews is about NordVPN. Our visitors give NordVPN an average of 4.3 stars. The average score on is 4.5.

NordVPN Review

With NordVPN, you can stop your subscription within 30 days and get your money back if it turns out that after starting your VPN subscription the service is not what you had hoped for. For many providers, this is an alternative to a free trial period.

NordVPN has 5570 servers to connect to a VPN. With these VPN protocols, you can connect to the VPN servers of NordVPN: IKEv2, OpenVPN, IPSec, Wireguard, NordLynx. Of course, you can always have VPN connections connected manually. To make it easier for you, NordVPN has created a simple app for the following devices to connect quickly: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, AndroidTV, Linux, Chrome, Firefox.

If you finally take out a paid subscription with NordVPN then you have 11 payment options. The methods for paying at NordVPN are: Visa, Mastercard, iDeal, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, AliPay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Union Pay. You can also pay with Cryptocurrency here! A payment via a Cryptocurrency gives you the possibility to pay completely anonymously.

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Go to NordVPN View 1 packages View 4336 reviews


Package Connections Data limit Renews automatically Length Package price
VPN 6 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 9,56 Order
1 jaar € 47,20 Order
2 jaar € 71,20 Order


Pierre gave NordVPN: 1 stars

ACHTUNG! Neue AGBs! Ab 1. Juli 2020 gibt NordVPN deine Daten an Behörden zur Aufklärung von Straftaten weiter. Das schließt den Schutz geistigen Eigentums und Urheberrechte mit ein. -------------------- Hier der Artikel: Link darf ich hier nicht teilen. Sucht nach: „Tarkappe PUNKT Info“ und „NordVPN räumt Strafverfolgungsbehörden Datenweitergabe ein“." -------------------- AUSZUG: "Filesharer bei NordVPN nicht erwünscht? Dazu passt auch, dass man sich das Recht vorbehält, den Nutzern bei der Begehung von Straftaten jederzeit ohne Ankündigung den Account zu schließen und den Zugang zu den eigenen Dienstleistungen zu verwehren. Unter Punkt 7 (Prohibited and restricted uses) schließt NordVPN alle Eventualitäten aus, indem man kriminelle Handlungen fast jeder Art und Weise verbietet. Das schließt sogar die Wahrung des Urheberrechts mit ein. -------------------- Bewertung wurde von 5 Sternen auf 1 Stern korrigiert. Null Sterne waren leider nicht möglich. ------------------------------------------------------------ DER ALTE U URSPRÜNGLICHE BERICHT: Nutze NORD VPN schon seit einem Jahr und habe äußerst gute Erfahrungen. Es gibt null GeschwindigkeitVerlust. Selbst beim Ziehen von Torrents. Habe fast schon ein schlechtes Gewissen, was ich so an Volumen down- und uploade. Außerdem gibt es reichlich viele Server, über die ganze Welt verteilt, sodass wenn man im Internet einen Service nutzt, äußerst selten mal die Meldung kommt, dass mit dieser IP die Anzahl der Aktionen für die nächsten paar Stunden eingeschränkt ist, obwohl man noch gar keine Aktionen gemacht hat. Hatte ich in einem Jahr vielleicht einmal oder zweimal nur. Es gibt auch die Funktion, dass das Internet automatisch getrennt wird, wenn Nord VPN die Verbindung verliert und man nicht mehr über den VPN Client mit dem Internet verbunden ist. So kann es nicht passieren, dass man unbeabsichtigt Torrents zieht, während man gar nicht mehr mit VPN verbunden ist.

Alexander Van Dijl gave NordVPN: 5 stars

NordVPN is the best, and I have tried them all! I use NordVPN for a couple of reasons. First, to watch movies. I have tried Disney+ with the limited options and I have tried Netflix, again, with limited options. Popcorntime has it all, but the criminals we call government make it less nice. NordVPN solves it all! And it just works!

Dan H gave NordVPN: 1 stars

Was billed an extra time and then told by a team member that my renewal would be 11/25/21. I recently got a notification for an upcoming charge in June 2020. The team member said they can't do anything about. Overall I'm very disappointed in their service (I worked in customer service for 4 years, and don't believe the customer rep put any effort towards looking into my issue). Also reached out to their chat service, who started to 'look into' my issue and then simply left the chat upon my question about how to handle the billing. AVOID!!! Ticket ID's: 5836259 and 3522459

Bulpy gave NordVPN: 5 stars

Would recommend.

Wiki Saurus gave NordVPN: 1 stars

We had a credit card skimmed & used in another country to open a NORDVPN service. Upon investigation we discovered that NORDVPN had accepted the skimmed details without properly verifying the bona fides of the account holder. This credit card is one we rarely use unless absolutely necessary so we discovered it very quickly, but NORDVPN have proven to be very poor as they have, in effect, aided the fraudster by accepting partial details & not verifying with us. We will NEVER use NORDVPN based on their poor attitude toward customer service.

Ezekiel Martinez gave NordVPN: 5 stars

Best VPN I've ever used. Completely reliable 10/10 would recommend

Joe gave NordVPN: 5 stars

My brother has been recommending NordVPN to me for over a year now, and after watching a friend go through having her identity stolen online, I finally decided to act. I had some concerns with my antivirus software and whether it was going to be affected by NordVPN. I started a chat with Hunter from NordVPN and he not only assured me that there wasn't going to be any conflict, but he also sent me a link to a tutorial on what adjustments to make with my antivirus software if I had any issues. I felt confident enough after our chat, and also after reviewing NordVPN's cancellation policy, to go ahead and sign up for a year's service. After one day I have had no issues and I am quite pleased with the entire experience. I'm about to start traveling for work again and between NordVPN and my antivirus software, I feel like I've done everything I could to keep my information safe.

pokongku gave NordVPN: 2 stars

NordVPN Doesn't Work in Canada for Amazon Prime Video !! I live in Canada and I subscribe to NordVPN for the sole purpose of accessing US programs in Amazon Prime Video. Things went well until three months ago when Amazon cut off my access to the US site. I contacted NordVPN by email and chat line. They kept asking me to do this and that (clear cache, use incognito mode, use certain US servers, change Windows 10 setting, etc.) for three months and each time the result was the same - no access to the US site. Finally I received this message in my email from them today: "Seems like Amazon has recently changed it's policies to only allow access the streams to the accounts registered in the same region. Having said that, this is not the case with all of the streaming services, as for example, Netflix does not lock the content based on the billing information of the account. Also, please note, that NordVPN is first and foremost an internet security company and therefore the access to various geo-blocked content could not be guaranteed throughout the subscription time." That's stating the obvious, isn't it? The purpose of VPN is to bypass detection. Obviously this is happening to all their Canadian clients. Why didn't they tell us in the beginning?

NordVPN Customer gave NordVPN: 2 stars

don't use another phone

Levi gave NordVPN: 5 stars

I just want to commend Nord VPN's customer service quality. Their live chat system is a blessing. "Mike" was very professional and knowledgeable.

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