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Rating has a total of 5353 reviews for ExpressVPN. In total has 49771 reviews. Which means that 11% of all reviews is about ExpressVPN. Our visitors give ExpressVPN an average of 4.7 stars. The average score on is 4.5. With this, ExpressVPN scores higher than average.

ExpressVPN Review

This is the review page of ExpressVPN. Here you will find an in-depth analysis of the use of the VPN service at ExpressVPN. In this review, we look in more detail at the following elements: Speed, installation, app use, the number of servers and countries, support and the various packages and payment options.

ExpressVPN speedtest

We perform speed tests with In addition, we opt for the server determined by and a multi-connection. First we perform the test without the connection with VPN and then with a VPN connection. We perform these two tests directly one after the other *. After comparing speed with and without VPN, we then perform a test on a VPN server in America.

The speed at our test location is very high. This allows us to fully test the speed of the VPN service.

Speedtest without connection to VPNSpeedtest without connection to VPN
Speedtest connected with VPNSpeedtest connected with VPN
Speedtest connected with VPN in the USASpeedtest connected with VPN in the USA

The speeds at ExpressVPN are very high. Of course the speeds without VPN are not achieved, but the speed that is achieved is more than sufficient to be able to do everything online without bothering you with the VPN connection. With the connection to the American VPN you see that upload, in contrast to the download, does fall sharply. You won’t get any problems with this. Your American VPN is generally used for streaming, with the download speed being the biggest factor.

* Despite the fact that we perform the tests as directly as possible after each other, a speed test depends on many causes. As a result, a speed test is always indicative.

ExpressVPN Ease of installation

The ease of installation at ExpressVPN is very high. After making the payment you will immediately see the screen to download your preferred app. We opted for the Mac installation. In this screen a clear download button appears with an activation code that you have to enter later in the installation process to make your account active in the app.

Download your appDownload your app
Copy your activation codeCopy your activation code
The app is ready for useThe app is ready for use

We have downloaded and tested the Mac app, but ExpressVPN offers many more apps for different systems. See them all below.

All apps of ExpressVPNAll apps of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN app easy of use

In this analysis, we thoroughly tested the Mac version of the app and found out whether it is handy and functional. The app chooses the best server for you to connect to, your so-called Smart Location (in our case Netherlands - The Hague). Of course you can also choose which server you want to connect to yourself. Switching between different servers is very fast and very intuitive.

The app is well-arrangedThe app is well-arranged
Choose a server from the listChoose a server from the list

In the app it is also possible to indicate which VPN protocol you want to use to connect to the servers. By default, these values are set to an automatic selection. The app then chooses the protocol that is most suitable for you at that time. Do you want to be in control? Then you can easily adjust that in the app.

Choose a protocol yourself or determine automaticallyChoose a protocol yourself or determine automatically

The app also gives the possibility to do a speed test to all VPN servers that ExpressVPN offers. We have of course tested this but are not very satisfied with it. The function can be useful if you have no insight at all. We believe, however, that you often make the choice yourself to which server you can connect and the test took a very long time to complete, during the test we chose to abort the test because it took us too long.

Do a speedtest to determine the fastest serverDo a speedtest to determine the fastest server

ExpressVPN servers and countries

At ExpressVPN you can connect to approximately 3000 servers, at 160 locations in 94 countries. This gives you enough options to always be able to connect to the right server or location. The number of servers at ExpressVPN is really great and therefore scores very well.

A lot of servers to choose fromA lot of servers to choose from

ExpressVPN support

We are going to test the support of ExpressVPN by starting a live chat about a fairly simple question. We then look at how quickly customer service responds and how quickly our question is answered. In addition, we also check whether the customer service representative is friendly to us, even though we ask a fairly simple question.

After asking the question I received an answer from a person after 10 seconds. He first asked for our email address in order to be able to reach me in the event of a broken chat. After giving the email address it took 3 minutes before the question was actually answered. The answer was sufficient and accurate. When canceling the chat we asked to send us a copy of the chat to our email. I received the email with the chat history 3 hours later.

After sharing these results, we look at the support page of ExpressVPN. Is the support page intuitive? Do you find the answers to your questions quickly?

The support page of ExpressVPN is clearThe support page of ExpressVPN is clear

The support page is well-arranged and easy to reach. There is a clear search function available, which helped perfectly with our searches. Furthermore, you can quickly click through to the most frequently asked questions, live chat (24/7 support) and manuals for setting up the VPN. They have made many videos to provide simple explanations about the use of the VPN connection.

ExpressVPN packages and payment options

At ExpressVPN they have one product and that product is exactly what you are looking for, VPN. The costs at ExpressVPN are quite high, but they also provide a high-quality VPN service for that. As with many, the longer you order the service, the lower the cost per month. View the costs per period in the table below.

Package Connections Data limit Renews automatically Length Package price
VPN 5 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 11,78 Order
180 € 54,54 Order
1 jaar € 90,92 Order

You can try the services at ExpressVPN by taking out a subscription and canceling your subscription within 30 days if you don’t like it. Within these 30 days, they have a money-back-guarantee. We have tried this money-back-guarantee. We were promised the money back without asking, and yes, within 3 working days we had the money back on our account.

You can pay in 14 ways at ExpressVPN. This allows you to use almost all possible payment options at ExpressVPN. Paying with Bitcoin is also possible, this ensures that you remain even more anonymous.

Conclusion review about ExpressVPN

We are very happy with the service that ExpressVPN offers. The VPN service is fast, the app is easy to use and support helps you exactly where you need it. All these plus points come with a high price, which we at therefore also find the only real disadvantage. After this review we definitely recommend you to try ExpressVPN!

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Gil gave ExpressVPN: 5 stars

This is by far the easiest to use vpn I have tried. Fast to connect and automatically blocks traffic when internet connection drops. It has all I need for a secure internet experience when using public wifi.

Cameron Kerr Bôcher gave ExpressVPN: 5 stars

By comparison I am no tech guru. I have however a long time at the wheel of one system or another beginning with that first Apple iie, Pro Dos, Appleworks, and 5 inch floppy drives. Later working with big dish satellite decoders and basic EEPROM programming I found myself in the PC world. I have torn apart 8088s with MFM drives until the 8086, 286, 386, 486 through today's modern machines which I assume are still considered 586's. I've run pre-Internet BBS systems using a 486 dx4 100 with 4 28k modems on the old Renegade systems complte with Front door mailer, etc etc etc. Throughout this journey over the last 35 years, one thing is clear.There is always someone who desires what you have, or desires to see your system does not function. I suppose it is an ego thing for a lot of folks seeing if they can get passed your defenses to play around in your system. I had to be one of McAfees first SCAN was a savior back in the day. Now we have the internet that exponentially ups everyone's game. With the increased functionality and an endless sea of every kind of site imaginable comes a new in fact a couple of new generations of very savvy and very smart kids ho like generations before would love to see if they are smarter then you challenging their skills against your defenses be cause your system is like a candy store to them. Add the thieves who want your banking information and personal data the NET can be a very dangerous place to call home. Anyone who does not employ AV , malware, adware programs AND A RELIABLE SECURE VPN can expect to suffer a lot of downtime and trips to see a pro about recovering whats left of your data. Did I mention the need to automate regular backups of the system? No one out there is going to honestly be able to tell you they have tried all the VPNs out there now. There are many. There are those that are less expensive, some are free. Express in my opinion from my personal experience is the best in its security, its ease to configure, and the ability to talk to a human if need be. You get what you pay for. How much is your data and peace of mind worth to you? Trust me, Express is a much better bargain. To the boys (and girls) at Express I congratulate you on a job well done. Better to do it right then do it over.

Xander gave ExpressVPN: 1 stars

For everyday that my expressVPN continues to block my internet access I'll leave a 1 star review on this website or on another. Dont buy express VPN. In any purchase theres a reasonable exchange of money for a service but when you buy express the only service you pay for is getting bent over the table.

Danilo P gave ExpressVPN: 5 stars

The best VPN ever... I am living outside my home country and I manage to watch all tv programs and the sports that I wish around the globe. A MUST for who is travelling a lot.

Paul gave ExpressVPN: 5 stars

1) Stops unwanted adverts popping up on other sites 2) Maintains privacy when using public wifi 3) Allows access to most UK sites when used in Europe and Africa 4) The help chat was very helpful and fast when we first started using ExpressVPN

伊藤开司 gave ExpressVPN: 5 stars


Jaring gave ExpressVPN: 1 stars

No tru.. Express does not work with ziggo GO outside the EU. Misleading information.

Paul Bosman gave ExpressVPN: 5 stars

When my last subscription came to an end I searched for a new VPN provider. After endless searching it was clear no VPN provider could match ExpressVPN!

Kazunori Seki gave ExpressVPN: 5 stars

From extended privacy and exploits protection to location free contents viewing, ExpressVPN is most easy and affordable solution for people at any level of computer literacy!

Ermia gave ExpressVPN: 4 stars

honestly this is good vpn without problems like disconnecting and speed but there is a problem with middle east!! its horrible for us to connect to a server, its take long time to connect (but after connected it has good speed?)

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