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Rating has a total of 8197 reviews for CyberGhostVPN. In total has 42665 reviews. Which means that 19% of all reviews is about CyberGhostVPN. Our visitors give CyberGhostVPN an average of 4.7 stars. The average score on is 4.5. With this, CyberGhostVPN scores higher than average.

CyberGhostVPN Review

This is the review page of CyberGhostVPN. Here you will find an in-depth analysis of the use of the VPN service at CyberGhostVPN. In this review, we look in more detail at the following elements: Speed, installation, app use, the number of servers and countries, support and the various packages and payment options.

CyberGhostVPN speedtest

We perform speed tests with In addition, we opt for the server determined by and a multi-connection. First we perform the test without the connection with VPN and then with a VPN connection. We perform these two tests directly one after the other *. After comparing speed with and without VPN, we then perform a test on a VPN server in America.

The speed at our test location is very high. This allows us to fully test the speed of the VPN service.

Speedtest without connection to VPNSpeedtest without connection to VPN
Speedtest connected with VPNSpeedtest connected with VPN
Speedtest connected with VPN in the USASpeedtest connected with VPN in the USA

WOW! What a speed over the VPN service of CyberGhostVPN! As you can see, we are even better connected to the VPN of CyberGhostVPN than not. Of course for safety reasons, but also for speed! We are very surprised at what this test has shown! The speed that we achieve with the connection to a server in America is also very high. We will never experience any inconvenience from the connections at any time.

* Despite the fact that we perform the tests as directly as possible after each other, a speed test depends on many causes. As a result, a speed test is always indicative.

CyberGhostVPN Ease of installation

After logging in to the personal environment of CyberGhostVPN you can easily choose the app you want to install. At CyberGhostVPN you can configure up to 7 devices at the same time on the same account.

Download the app you likeDownload the app you like

Once you have downloaded the app of your choice, install the software. After installation you can log in to CyberGhostVPN in the app with the data you received. After this you can immediately use the VPN service.

Follow the installation stepsFollow the installation steps
Login to use CyberGhostVPNLogin to use CyberGhostVPN

CyberGhostVPN app easy of use

In this analysis, we thoroughly tested the Mac version of the app and found out whether it is handy and functional. The app chooses the best server that you can connect to, in our case the server in the Netherlands. Of course you can also choose which server you want to connect to.

Quick connect to the best serverQuick connect to the best server

With the two arrows at the bottom left you enter the screen to be able to choose multiple options. Choose here for servers that are suitable for downloading, or servers that are optimized for streaming different services. For example, connect to an American server that is optimized for using the American Netflix. You can also choose extra security here. A standard ad-blocker, blocking malicious website or block following what you do online. Set all of this in the CyberGhostVPN app.

Choose between many different locationsChoose between many different locations
Easily setup extra securityEasily setup extra security

Having trouble using the VPN service from CyberGhostVPN? Then check the connection in the app. Did the test fail? Then go directly from the app to the support page of CyberGhostVPN.

Run tests to test your connection.Run tests to test your connection.

CyberGhostVPN servers and countries

At CyberGhostVPN you can connect to approximately 5799 servers, at 111 locations in 89 countries. This is an incredibly high number and therefore there is always an available server to be found. CyberGhostVPN has also made a distinction between optimized download and streaming servers, use these servers to optimize your use of the VPN service.

Special designed server for streamingSpecial designed server for streaming

CyberGhostVPN support

We are going to test the support of CyberGhostVPN by starting a live chat about a fairly simple question. We then look at how quickly customer service responds and how quickly our question is answered. In addition, we also check whether the customer service representative is friendly to us, even though we ask a fairly simple question.

What we want to mention first is that you can make a choice in live chat between the different languages you want to chat with. Unfortunately Dutch does not occur, but this is still a great feature! We started the chat and were 3rd in line, despite that we were answered after 46 seconds. The correct answer came very quickly, after 56 seconds we had the answer we were hoping for. The support person we spoke with was very friendly. We received the reference of the chat that we asked for in our mail immediately after the chat had closed. Excellent support from CyberGhostVPN.

After sharing these results, we look at the support page of CyberGhostVPN. Is the support page intuitive? Do you find the answers to your questions quickly?

Easily search for answers to your questionsEasily search for answers to your questions

The support page is minimalistic and well-arranged. A handy search function for finding your questions and below clear buttons for further searching for the right category. For example, you can also find manuals for setting up the various apps here.

CyberGhostVPN packages and payment options

CyberGhostVPN offers 1 package. With the VPN package you can have 7 devices connected at the same time. The price per month is quite expensive, but if you buy immediately for a year, you will only pay €2.75 per month! That is why the price/quality ratio is very good!

Package Connections Data limit Renews automatically Length Package price
VPN 7 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 12,99 Order
1 jaar € 71,88 Order
2 jaar € 88,56 Order
3 jaar € 95,00 Order

You can take a 24-hour trial at CyberGhostVPN to test the service without obligation. Do you need longer? Then you can also try the VPN service by taking out a subscription and canceling your subscription within 45 days if you don’t like it. Within these 45 days, they have a money-back-guarantee.

You can pay in 6 ways at CyberGhostVPN. This allows you to use almost all possible payment options at CyberGhostVPN. You can also pay with Bitcoin here, so even the payment itself can remain anonymous!

Conclusion review about CyberGhostVPN

We are more than satisfied with the services of CyberGhostVPN. Especially after these tests, we are even more convinced that CyberGhostVPN is our number 1 VPN provider. The VPN is very fast, the app is good and the support is excellent! Especcialy if you purchase the VPN for a longer period, it is more than worth the price at CyberGhostVPN.

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Alex Federolf gave CyberGhostVPN: 4 stars

Good stuff, but there's more field for improvement, like access to Netflix from different countries but the USA eg.

Doug Franklin gave CyberGhostVPN: 5 stars

I love Cyberghost, they do VPN right. I’ve personally used and tested more than 10 VPN services over the years and Cyberghost has proven to be the best of them all. Most other VPN’s drop connection frequently throughout the day leaving me unaware of when my connection is no longer secure. With Cyberghost, I don’t have to worry because I stay connected. However, if there happens to be an attempted security breach, Cyberghost also has an extra security feature called the killswitch, that interrupts internet connection if there are safety issues with the server to which you’ve connected. The company operates thousands of fast and reliable servers all over the world. My internet connection is fast and runs smoothly. Additionally, the mobile app is well designed and very simple to navigate. Comfortably amongst the top two app designs I’ve used. If you need customer support for any reason, all you need do is literally shake your phone, and you are given a prompt to email your concern to their excellent customer service team. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Cyberghost does VPN right. I cannot say enough about Cyberghost and their quality service. I would recommend Cyberghost to anyone concerned about internet security. It’s a no brainer. All of my devices are protected by Cyberghost. Thanks for reading.

Johan van Essen gave CyberGhostVPN: 5 stars

Very good! Good protections, speed, everything :)

Rick Frey gave CyberGhostVPN: 4 stars

Excellent service! Have been using for years now and have and almost no issues. I recently did have an issue that CyberGhost would not resolve and is the reason for the 4 stars.

Rick F gave CyberGhostVPN: 4 stars

Excellent service! Have been using for years now and have and almost no issues. I recently did have an issue that CyberGhost would not resolve and is the reason for the 4 stars.

Aaron Brogdon gave CyberGhostVPN: 5 stars

Very easy to use! Choosing servers is a great option, and there is no slowdown that I have noticed. I have tried other VPNs with similar options and they either didn't work as well or cost more money per month. This is the only one that I moved on from the free trial to paying for the service.

Anne Marie gave CyberGhostVPN: 5 stars

Enjoying my experience with Cyberghost. I use it to stream and read email in my public wifi at the gym privately. I accidentally requested an incident, and someone was quick to respond to my comment. I don't exactly know how it works, but it seems to be easy to use and activate whether on its own or by me.

Umberto gave CyberGhostVPN: 5 stars

Great VPN, Easy to use. I've been using this for more than half a year now. Always works fine with high throughput speeds. Had one issue but after emailing cyberghost they had a solution within 15 minutes!

Jeff gave CyberGhostVPN: 5 stars

I am an old CyberGhost user. I think this company offers one of the best (if not the best) vpn service on the market.

Nico Majer gave CyberGhostVPN: 5 stars

Works perfect. I feel secure with Cyberghost. Very good service.

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