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Rating has a total of 22 reviews for AstrillVPN. In total has 49742 reviews. Which means that 0% of all reviews is about AstrillVPN. Our visitors give AstrillVPN an average of 1.7 stars. The average score on is 4.5.

AstrillVPN Review

At AstrillVPN, you can try the VPN service before you decide to sign a subscription.

Unfortunately, the number of servers of AstrillVPN is unknown.In addition to connecting manually, AstrillVPN provides the apps for the following platforms to easily and quickly connect to VPN: Android, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Linux and Routers.

If you decide to take out your subscription with AstrillVPN, you can choose from 9 payment options. You can pay with the following methods at AstrillVPN: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express, Bitcoin, Bankoverschrijving, AliPay, Union Pay and Perfect Money. You can pay here with a Crypto coin! With payment via a Crypto coin, your payment can remain completely anonymous.

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Go to AstrillVPN View 1 packages View 22 reviews


Package Connections Data limit Renews automatically Length Package price
VPN 5 No limit Yes 30 dagen € 18,03 Order
180 € 81,12 Order
1 jaar € 108,16 Order


galou gave AstrillVPN: 1.00 stars

Spent 70 bucks for a VIP option to speed up connection. Definitly a bad idea, i can't event surf now

taktikus gave AstrillVPN: 4.00 stars

I'm using the service of Astrill the last years (since 2012) as I was living in China and locked our for a provide how could help me to connect with the world out their. From the beginning I'm using the VPN service on the router which worked and is working very good and stable! I had some connection issues during that time as China was tidding up their policies - but here all VPN provider had issues...I opened up a ticket, got worked on it and after some days and patient it worked again. Also installed the apk on several devices (Android, iOS, Windows 10) so that when I'm travelling I can stil use the service. The only thing which Astrill has to catch up in time, updates of their router plug-in! As the router company is updating the firmware constantly out of security reason, which then I would like to flash in, but Astrill recommends not to run on the newest router firmware as their plug-in maid not working...

Mike Orszag gave AstrillVPN: 4.00 stars

I have used Astrill for quite a few years and have had generally good experiences the numerous times i have raised issues. In reading the other comments and comparing to other VPNs i also use or have used, i do not think Astrill has overall been rated fairly. I do think their IOS app is antiquated for instance and they have been slow on some new tech like v2ray, shadowsocks and wireguard. But overall they are very solid and certainly very trustworthy and their consumer support is well above industry norms

Jing Wang gave AstrillVPN: 1.00 stars

Very bad VPN I have paid 140 USD for this VPN. But it has many critical issues in it. - It crashes often(Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone). - I can't select regions flexibly. - Support is very slow. - This worked for 1 month but not working now, but support is very very very slow to solve this issue. I just updated to the latest version but not work also. NEVER USE THIS VPN !!!

Mark gave AstrillVPN: 1.00 stars

Dreadful. Having problems with my standard Astrill package, I was advised by them to buy a private IP. I paid $99 for the IP but it's so slow it's unusable. They refuse to give me a refund and are offering to transfer me to another Private IP instead. Trouble is, they have no stock of other IP's and can't tell me when one will be available. Meanwhile, I'm $99 poorer and have an Astrill private IP that's unusable. Use another VPN provider, there's lots of choice and much better customer service!!

dON gave AstrillVPN: 1.00 stars

Purchase three month account but astrill charge twice( double payment)..still waiting for refund, already contacted my bank about astrill company.Got slow speed my original speed is 50/15 but with astrill got only 30/12 and I use nearest server.Astrill offer port forwarding but unfortunatelly not worked.Tested by astrill app on win 10, tomato router and asus merlin router.Contacted support but they not responded on my email.Stay away guys from astrill.Very bad support.Guys dont trust this company..all reviews on this website is fake...I have still active account but this company not allowed me to put review because is no option for this and when I tried contact support there is no answer...bad,bad,bad company

Allan Donnelly gave AstrillVPN: 1.00 stars

Total waste of money, bought a 1 year subscription and Astrill has not worked at all in the 3 weeks we have been in China. However we have had no problems with the free VPNs available.

Karsten Kozak Sørensen gave AstrillVPN: 1.00 stars

Astrill vpn blaming every one else , ive been using same isp and mail provider for more than 5 years and they been very stabile and they had the nerve to blame them and call my isp and mail providers fault that i didnt recive email about the order i made, well if i cant recive mails from them i cant pay them , i dont recommand that people use this company , and i sure gonna tell jacks2cent about it as well, dont think he will recommend a company thats pointing fingers at anyone else but them self.

Martin Hess Pedersen gave AstrillVPN: 1.00 stars

I have been a happy customer of Astrill and the services provided for several years until I repurchased a 3 months VPN plan a month ago, as this product simply did not work. I reported my problems, they acknowledged they have problems with my configuration using iPad in China and the feedback was quite vague as they did not have a solution to my problem. They promised that the solution would be ready soon with no schedule stated. I asked to get my money back, but they refused as this is not their policy. Instead they gave added one month to my plan - which I thought was quite funny, what was I going to use one month for of something that doesn't work? Today, almost one month later they still don't have a solution. I have now given up. If you consider purchasing a VPN plan with Astrill then don't. It is not worth it, they don't have the technical capability to solve the customer issues and the support is basically worthless. I write off the money spent and will find another provider, that can offer me a trust worthy and reliable solution. What happened to you, Astrill?

Marc gave AstrillVPN: 1.00 stars

So after several years of intermittent use and decent tech support they have lost my business. Several months ago my service started dropping and I contacted tech support. After numerous emails and at least four separate sessions with different technicians I was still unable to reliably connect to their serves. I did everything they asked up to the point of letting them remote into my computer. When I asked for a refund of the 10 months I had left, that's when the run around started. After a long chain of emails explaining why I wanted a refund they quietly closed the case without informing me and cited "Not willing to troubleshoot with technician." I can only assume the strategy is for the customer to give up troubleshooting and drop the refund request.

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